Blue New Jersey Had A Red Wave In Early Voting

New Jersey’s blue wave fell flat in early voting as the results offer warning signs to the Democratic Party. One America’s Caitlin Sinclair has more from New Jersey.

7 Comments on Blue New Jersey Had A Red Wave In Early Voting

  1. Just like in Seattle, they count votes until they get the result they want. If something isn’t done about voter fraud we are in trouble.

  2. They can NOT afford DJT winning again. He’ll be invulnerable. One way or another they’ll pull every all stop to stop him.

  3. “they’ll pull every all stop to stop him.”

    Exactly, the only way for a fair vote is voter ID. And vote harvesting was so successful if California they’ve already spread it thru out the land.

  4. They know they’ve jumped the shark, so yeah…they’re gonna pull every stop to stop him for sure! Put some real teeth into enforcement. The Obamboozler showed them that laws mean nothing when there is no enforcement!


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