Bluecheck journo doxxes, calls cops on Target worker over price of toothbrush — and it goes badly for him


I just had to call the police because @target Refused to sell me the toothbrush 3:08 PM – Jan 17, 2020

American Thinker: By Monica Showalter

For a whiff of who’s doing your news, take a gander at this idiocy from a vaunted member of the bluecheck-American community:

Apparently, he mistook an inventory tag set up as a placeholder for an advertised price tag of $0.01 and intended to compel Target and its lowly manager to give him the $89.99 toothbrush for pretty much free.  When he didn’t get what he wanted, he doxxed the manager on his big-follower Twitter account and called the police, even though it’s since been pointed out that he didn’t even have the law on his side in his utterly unreasonable demand.

As they say, “journalism.”

It went over like a lead balloon on Twitter:

15 Comments on Bluecheck journo doxxes, calls cops on Target worker over price of toothbrush — and it goes badly for him

  1. He has not been able to afford seeing a dentist for three years? I guess Obamacare is really working out for him.

    And just what does he spend his money on?

  2. It’s interesting to me that no matter how much they profess their hatred for law enforcement they are so quick to call them when they feel entitled at the store or fast food joint or when someone rips off their pot.

    The self important “everyone gets a trophy mentality” of what passes for parenting today runs up against the wall of minor adversity and voila call a LEO.

    The Policeman will step in as your de facto mommy and make the bad people go to jail to salve your shaking nerves and avenge the pinprick to your snowflake thin self value.

    The perpetual juvenility of liberals is amazing. Just look at Nazi Nan giddy and giggling like her ass is still in a sandbox and someone just gave her a shiny new impeachmentl toy.

    Since they require no morality nor self awareness they never mature past the age of 5.

    I really detest liberals but mostly I pity them. Adults in name only stamping their feet and screaming at the sky like toddlers when the Orange man wins.

  3. Typical keyboard millennial, going after people who do an honest job for a living just to get “likes” and attention from the internet.

    It would be great if one day he was working at walmart in the returns department.

    Also, wouldn’t and shouldn’t a lefty libtard use a manual toothbrush for the environment or are his wrists to weak to go up and down?

  4. Why do I have a feeling this faggy douche constantly tries to get his way in stores, restaurants and coffee shops? Guarantee you, he’s gotten his “fair” share of stuff just to shut him up. Journalist my ass.

  5. …from the linked American Thinker article…

    “That kind of nuclear tantrum comes off as extortionary, actually, and like a very bad customer, he seems to think Target will bend as a lot of them do just to get him out of there. Or else.”

    …This isn’t new. I worked retail for many years before the Internet was a thing, let alone Twitter, but there was ALWAYS that one asshole who would ride a cashier, a clerk, a floorwalker, even a mechanic or a stockboy, until a manager was summoned that would take his insistence that a 2 dollar price COULD mean 2 FOR a dollar, and would piss and moan like a tired 2 year old until they got their way.

    The complaints were genuinely THAT stupid.

    But they almost ALWAYS got their way.

    …one of the reasons that Sears or that KMart by you is closed now is crap like THIS. The default in customer complaints was generally capitulation, and if YOU made a stand against something stupid to protect the Company’s money, you could be SURE that Mr. Democrat would take it to the next level, where the underpaid manager wants to get back to hiding in his office from things like this, so they’d not only give the loudmouth what he wanted, but probably some other free stuff AND make you apologize.

    …and you would not BELIEVE the smug on the asshole customer when THAT happened. I think some of them got off on THAT, so the thing wasn’t really the goal, forcing YOU to kneel WAS.

    …this went to every level up to Corporate, with every succeeding level more likely to give in and also more likely to tell YOU they didn’t have time for YOUR bullshit, as they had important drinking to get back to. Also too, most of them were Peter Principled to where they are now, and since the loony corporate philosophy on management was that anyone could manage any thing without knowing about it, you ended up with people who didn’t know ANYTHING about the subject, like when they had the guy from Lingerie manage the Auto Center. Being tools themselves, they did not like their SPECIFIC ignorance exposed, so they’d get mad at YOU if you brought something to them, rather than admitting they didn’t know the subject and trying to LEARN what the issue was.

    And EVERYONE who’s worked on ANY level in a large business has had a customer yell at them, “WELL, I’M GOING TO COMPLAIN TO CORPORATE!!!”.

    …rank and file usually got the hint pretty quick.
    1) your manger will not support you,
    2) HIS manager will not support EITHER of you,
    3) The STORE manager gets REAL pissy if HE hears about it, and
    4) Corporate just wants peasant heads to roll.

    …so, as an employee, you could put up with someones mouth and make a stand, but you WILL be overruled, maybe even punished, but CERTAINLY humiliated in front of the smuggy asshole who STARTED this no matter WHAT.
    And it wasn’t like you’d be rewarded, or even recognised, for saving the COMPANY’S money, anyway.

    So even with a total douche like THIS, it usually wasn’t WORTH it.

    And that was PRE Internet. The humiliation is a LOT quicker, a LOT broader, and a LOT more permanent now.

    …and I bet they’ll GIVE it to him, too, PLUS some money to go away, meanwhile castigating that poor woman he harrassed for “bad judgement”, PLUS everyone on the Internet will have a picture of her with her glasses on not-quite-straight FOREVER, captioned by this clown saying horrible things about her.

    …so, WHY do douches douche like this?

    Because it WORKS.

    At a minimum, here we are, even us, even right NOW, giving this jackleg attention.

    …which is probably what he REALLY wanted all along…

  6. Like I tell my wife and daughter that work in retail, just agree with them and tell them the company won’t let you. It sometimes takes the wind out of their sails. Just tell them you agree with them and so the fight isn’t with you. Christmas is the worst.


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