“Bo Snerdley” Speaks to Liberty University

From October 2019:
Liberty University’s School of Business Dean Dave Brat sits down with Michael Golden, also known as a radio producer for the Rush Limbaugh Show referred to as “Bo Snerdley,” to speak about current business, politics, and religion issues in America. WATCH HERE

9 Comments on “Bo Snerdley” Speaks to Liberty University

  1. …but…but…but…Rush be rayyciss, right? No WAY a Black man can be runnin’ his show and sheeet…/s

  2. So THAT is Mr Snerdley. I have often wondered what he (or even “she”. never heard her/him speak on the radio) looked like. Now I know. Interesting.

  3. 30+ years of of staying with Rush says a lot right there!
    No doubt some Leftists will say he’s an Uncle Tom and Rush’s house negro, but that’s who they are and what they say when they don’t have the facts.
    Remember, when arguing with a Leftist it’s over when they call you a racist.
    You’ve won cuz they’re outta gas!
    Mr Golden has a lot of really good things to say. Anyone who would call Bo names or Rush racist simply does not want to hear the truth!

  4. I recall Bo S leaving Rush’s EIB network years ago to try out a new idea. It apparently wasn’t the success hoped for and some months later, maybe a year or so, Bo returned to EIB.


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