Bob Dole Calls Ted Cruz a RINO

Bob Dole called Ted Cruz a RINO.

Before you laugh, hear Dole out. Technically he’s right.

The dodderer says that Ted Cruz is an “extreme conservative” which means he’s a “Republican In Name Only.”

See what he did there?

Where Dole really goes off the rails is when he says he supports Jeb, the non-Rino true republican.


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  1. I know everyone here is an independent thinker. For years I have really enjoyed Thomas Sowell’s writing and yet when he came out as one of the writers of NR’s “Against Trump” issue, I had to fight the impulse to reject what he had to say out of hand. And it was even worse knowing Andrew McCarthy was part of that. I haven’t even read his piece yet.

    But here’s the thing. Sowell and McCarthy are not me. Their lives are very different from mine and my family’s. And so is Bob Dole’s. It doesn’t mean they each can’t impart some kind of understanding, though they might use different words. Or if they are writing something specific that directs me to other sources of information I can then follow my own trail of discovery.

    The important thing is that I don’t overlook facts in favor of my feelings. In the end, after sifting through a lot of facts that satisfy my need to know, then I can let go with my enthusiasm.

    That’s all I gotta say about that.

  2. So the old fart wants to redefine what Rep really is with a soundbite. How subtle. Only actual conservatives will hear it for what it is. The rest will nod along. Then, voila! Conservative marginalization is advanced.

    He needs to be confronted on air everywhere. It must not flourish.

    The old guard has been cancerous for decades.

    We’re fucked, and we’ve been fucked for quite a while.

    Buy more ammo.

  3. AA, I consider myself one who’s life has directly been impacted by the economy. I’m where the rubber meets the road so to speak. I’ll go out on a limb here and say from what I gather so are you. So is Chief. This country goes no where until we fix the economy and build the wall. There’s only one guy that can do that. And it’s not that pinched faced opportunistic bible thumping attorney. The only guy capable of fixing things is Trump. Period, end of story. I’m looking for a sweep. Let’s get it on.

  4. OT, Speaken of buy more ammo. I didn’t make it to shot but a bunch of the stores I sell to did. They’re all reporting that the Ammo manufactures, including Federal, are predicting a big run on Ammo by summer.

  5. Poor Bob Dole, the RINO poster boy, he was a nothing in the Senate and as a presidential candidate.

    His life’s legacy was kicking off commercials about Viagra.
    Funny, he still has a hard on for conservatives.

  6. “…predicting a big run on Ammo by summer.”

    So why are they predicting that?

    Can’t be threat of Marxial Law. I’m pretty sure ammo sales would be verboten.

  7. No the run is being manipulated by the Government near as I can tell. I have some gun groupies that are still active in the reserves. They need to qualify every six months. There being told they only get one chance because the Gov is short an Ammo. (Probably sitting in a big ass warehouse some where). No matter, the ammo manufactures are saying by summer 556, 9 mil, 45 acp, and 308 will be in demand.

  8. Opps! I typed that poorly. What I meant was perhaps Dole is calling Cruz a RINO, because Cruz isn’t an establishment-Republician. The real in name only bunch. And Cruz isn’t one of them.

  9. Blink — I’m going to post a longish piece to the Bullpen tomorrow. Please read it and tell me what you think about Cruz’s participation with Ryan on TPP. Thanks. AA

  10. FOX. Fair and Unbalanced. Interviewing such luminaries as Fish face Moore, Weepy Beck, and now Bob Dole. Who’s next, before the day is over? George H.W. Bush?

  11. Calling a Christian a “Bible thumper” has been used as a derogatory term for eons. It speaks volumes about the depth of your beliefs. The Bible is the ONLY basis for moral absolutes.

  12. Seriously Mr Pinko? Trump has insulted the entirety of the conservative right way before Ted fired anything back at his Majesty Donald Trump.

  13. I respect your feelings, AA, but Trump has been a New Yorker all his life. If you look at what comes out of there, I’d say he’s a big mistake for America. Cruz has been steeped in our Constitution and Trump probably has little idea of where his powers end. We do not need another Obama, in white face this time. God help and deliver us from another 4 or 8 years of that scheissen.

  14. III Percenter
    February 1, 2016 at 12:28 pm


    Really all that anyone needs to know about you here. Caps and exclamation points included.

    Your posts started to become invisible to me before this but now when I see one, it’ll be like when caller ID shows me an out of state number and I let it leave a message instead of spending my time listening to a recorded message trying to sell me something.

    And I’m a guy that likes Cruz.

    Go figure.

    Really. Go figure that one out until it makes sense.

  15. Thanks Brad. I appreciate that. I don’t think I’m really all that far from your position but, to be clear, these are my 4 position points on all this:

    1. I’ll find it easy to vote for Trump if he’s there. Any Dem is way worse.

    2. Bush is certainly where I’ll give up completely and not vote – maybe do a write-in.

    3. I’m just not going to argue over these choices. At all. I think the deck chairs would be better by the railing so I can get a good view of the iceberg and still hear the band.

    4. I’m buying more ammo regardless of who gets nominated or elected.

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