Bob Menendez Hates Cesar Chavez

Republicans in the Senate put forward a resolution recognizing Cesar Chavez commitment to immigration enforcement.    Bob Menendez (D-NJ) blocked the measure.

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6 Comments on Bob Menendez Hates Cesar Chavez

  1. I thought the Senator Bob “I likes em young” Menendez, the WalMart of the Senate was in the slam? Damn shame although the GOP seems to have made him look like a bit of a dick, which I gather those young hookers agreed, that is that he had a bit of a dick.

  2. Just another progtard asshole rewriting history. In progtard pseudo reality, Caesar Chavez wanted the borders wide open; so the the number of available farm workers could quadruple and be so large that he couldn’t possibly organize them all. Then he’d be in a perfect position to… um… demand a um… raise… in farm worker pay… yeah… yeah… that’s the ticket… More available labor equal high pay demand successes… Yeah… that’s how it works… At least in the magical world inside a progtard’s diseased brain.

  3. Chavez probably stole some of Bob’s favorite

    13 year old skinoritas while Menendez was stoned.

  4. Chavez used to take his union goons down to the border to beat back any wet backs they found. Bet they didn’t put that in the movie.


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