Bobby Jindal Praises Trump’s Style

Dangerous: Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is lighting a firestorm in the pages of the Wall Street Journal with a turnaround on what Trump means for the future of Republican voters.

Jindal urged conservative politicians to re-evaluate the new wants and needs of the base in case Trump’s following  “may not be sustainable.” Jindal appears to advocate for understanding about where the party is going if they don’t learn valuable lessons from Trump.

“The GOP needs to spend political capital accomplishing the priorities not merely of its donors but also its voters—for instance, by protecting religious freedom. Finally, Republican leaders have to lead,” Jindal wrote in the Wall Street Journal.

“They have to persuade instead of pander, to expand the conservative coalition by building bridges where possible and evangelizing where not. Simply making another Trump joke may help party bigwigs feel good about themselves, but it only enhances the resentment that put him into office.”  read more here

7 Comments on Bobby Jindal Praises Trump’s Style

  1. I wish our President would get even tougher with the idiots running this country, the press and the fools in hollywood. Shove their faces in the own words and deeds.

  2. Funny how the only ones who EVER criticize his tweeting are the ones who only have a superficial idea of what Trump’s supporters want. I don’t need to be persuaded! I want to persuade *them* with a two by four.

  3. Trump is driving the DEMS , the socialist media and the RINO crazy Go trump drive this mother fuc crazy and let them get drunk and drive into a bridge.


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