Body Language – Fauci Vs Rand Paul in Congress

Fauci looked very nervous. Watch his hands shake and fondle that rubber band.
Very nervous.

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  1. Great reference SNS
    Ignore the facts, just accept my spin., Oh and BTW, if you managed to make it through the entire video, the Dem brought it back to be a problem with people not getting the vax

  2. When you watch Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, you wonder where the FUCK are the other GOP senators???????????????????????????????????????????

    McConnell. Romney. Human garbage.

  3. Looks like a combo between Deer in the headlights and Dog caught shitting on the carpet.

    I hope he pends the next 10 years defending himself in committees and courts.

    Fucker knew exactly what was going on from day one but spent a year and a half covering his own ass.

  4. Maybe I’m too shallow or imperceptive, but I don’t read all of that messaging into his body language. But rather, in my heart of hearts, I know that the little self-serving, self-promoting, deep state, government rat phukker is lying through his teeth. I don’t need to “read” his body.

  5. I can understand why the bugger is nervous. He may be on the hook for 4 million deaths.

    He lapped even Dr. Mengele many times in the evil 5k event.

  6. @TimBuktu

    Pigs like him feel no guilt. They get off on the admiration of their mindless followers.

    Believe me, he goes once a month to the tailor to get fitted for new suits, custom shirts, & adjustments.

  7. Since I was, ackshually, born yesterday… I have to ask: With what happened to Hillary for attacking The Most Holy Integrity of The Democratic Process… and still losing… at the hands of The Truest of True Opposition Party… when that Truest of True Opposition Party was in charge… what’s the worst that can happen to Dr. Loyal Party “Science”?

  8. oh yah, Caine Mutiny, classic NPD, narcissistic personality disorder. Some of those sociopaths do rise to high authority in academia and government but the level of sadistic rage needed to defend the narcissistic wound is obvious in situations like the one Rand Paul uncovered.

  9. Yea This was excellent body language assessment.
    Fauci keeps going back to saying “This paper was reviewed by many experts.”
    Well it’s been revealed pretty well that the other reviewers are guilty too, so OF COURSE they’re going to deny there was GAIN OF FUNCTION research.
    Fauci is trying to use twisted complex arguments up against Paul’s simple logical facts.

  10. The only body language of his that matters – and I’m interested in seeing – is what he does shackled when the hood is pulled over his head and the noose put around his neck.

  11. He reminds me of Uncle Rico on Napoleon Dynamite, the little crap-weasel with delusions of grandeur.

  12. Thew “Fauci Wing” down here in Hell is nearly complete. It’s about time, too…who can sleep with all the hammering and welding.

    Mengele has called dibs on the penthouse. 👿

  13. Just a reminder that there were and are no experts when it comes to Covid! Except, maybe, the inventors of it!


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