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Body Language: Putin, ‘Not a Bluff’ Speech

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  1. I suck at Poker. I don’t read body language.

  2. Stupid predentadent Joey has poked the bear. Now we are on the brink of nuclear war, and we have a brain damaged,low IQ, dementia addled fool sitting in the White House. Putin isn’t Corn Pop… he’s for real.

  3. He needs a radioactive cocktail. Just doing what a dictatorship does.

  4. I can’t watch a 16 min. video unless I download for an hour and a half or more.

    Does his body language belie his alleged bluff, or not?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Maybe we should bow down to to this nutsuck POS. Not gonna happen.

  6. Lets ask Brittney Griner if she thinks he’s Bluffing.

  7. During WWII Japan wouldn’t stop until they were forced to stop.
    IMO that is where Russia is at, they believe the west won’t stop. It doesn’t matter if you believe the west is in the right or not. That is where Russia is at and he’s not bluffing. What is so ignorant is how many don’t realize how close to a nuclear war we are. Our country is being ran by people who half are working for the NWO and half who only care about raping kids and men being women. Nobody with the sense to get us out of this, because they got us into this.
    There will be nobody who comes to our rescue, but when it starts there will be many who then side with Russia, because many who will relish the destruction of the once super power.

  8. If your a stinkn Putin commie lover please leave now. People are leaving Russia by the droves.
    He needs more sacrificial lambs to lead to the slaughter. He will never win in the Ukraine.

  9. Her name is Mandy, and she’s brilliant – and one of us. Check out her channel.

  10. Putin is old school communist, unlike our new schooled communists(antifa & blm ) he is serious. I bet the KGB wish that they Had never sent people over here in the 40s, 50s and 60s to indoctrinate or schools and govt. Now our commies are better than his commies.

  11. ^^ Seems like Communists are all we have to choose from now.

  12. Tony R September 25, 2022 at 9:25 am
    “… Joey has poked the bear. Now we are on the brink of nuclear war, and we have a brain damaged, low IQ, dementia addled fool sitting in the White House.”

    Biden typically follows the S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedures) of a misdirectional/bait-and-switch, diversionary tactic inherent with the Far-Left to hide his most recent stupid mistake with an even worse (and growingly more lethal – such as, aiding & arming Ukraine) stupid mistake, and then publicly blaming it all on his foreign, domestic and imaginary enemies.

  13. Words of a well practised speech, using inflection to drive points, while controlling taught body language are just words.

    Is Putin ready to annihilate 65%+ of our, European, Chinese and Russian population? Maybe, but doubtful.

    Words will not get it done, regardless of the feckless leaders of of the US, NATO and the UN.

  14. Anyone who thinks that I am not serious when I say that progressivism is 100% invested in increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death can consider the part progressive radicals Julius and Ethel Rosenberg played in making sure that people who are would have no qualms using nuclear weapons got them sooner rather than later. The fact that they are still considered martyrs to the progressive cause tells you all you need to know regarding the motivation of followers of progressivism.

  15. I hope he nukes Biden, Pelosi, Kamalalaala, with a drone strike.

    My priest said it’s a sin to kill them dead but once you get to confession there is forgiveness. Putin has become an Orthodox Christian ya know?!

  16. Body language, woooo. I want to see the outtakes. Forgiveness, while you are certainly entitled to your opinion you’ll be asking Lucy for forgiveness.

  17. “If your [sic] a stinkn Putin commie lover please leave now.”

    If you’re too lame to pick a name when you troll, you’re the one who needs to leave now.

    “People are leaving Russia by the droves.”

    If you’re too lame to pick a name AND you’re posting debunked fake news, you should never have come here at all.

  18. The child-trafficking child molester Joe Biden playing checkers with a chess master.

  19. Your chances of winning a war are greatly increased if you fight your enemy on their turf, not on your turf. Biden can’t even to that with words.

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