Body of 8-Year-Old Gideon, Robert F. Kennedy’s Great-Grandson, Has Been Found

Western Journal: Six days after he and his mother were last seen alive, searchers on Wednesday found the body of Gideon McKean, the great-grandson of former Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

The 8-year-old was last seen Thursday when he and his mother, Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, ventured out in search of a ball kicked into Herring Bay, an offshoot of Chesapeake Bay.

His mother’s body was found Monday.

The Maryland Natural Resources Police said the boy’s body was found in 25 feet of water, according to USA Today. read more

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  1. I’d feel more sorry for their family if they weren’t Kennedys.

    The Darwin Award usually goes to a candidate who stupidly dies before passing along his/her genes, but this appears to be a special case where the inherited genes were snuffed out as well. I hereby nominate Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean for the Darwin Award with Poison Oak Leaf Cluster.

  2. Sad that a young child had to die because mommy took him out on the water in questionable conditions, for a $5 ball. The Kennedy curse is stupidity, thinking that their privilege can save them from reality.

  3. Notice how no matter how far related, they never give up the name Kennedy? Remember that moron William Kennedy Smith who was accused of rape in the 90s? One of his complaints was how difficult it was to grow up being a Kennedy. Ummm….your name is Smith. As an adult you could have easily dropped the Kennedy name. But, naaaaa, the name conveys certain privileges such as being able to leave the scene of an accident that eventually would drown a young woman.

  4. Nothing like throwing ones self on the good graces of others. Glad they didn’t have to look for them today, the wind would make the search extremely dangerous.

  5. So much hate for people you didn’t even know who did nothing to you. Save your hate for the Pelosi’s, Schumers, fascist governors, the cops “just following orders” and the lying press.

  6. Who cares how deep the water was where they were found?

    Wait, the story fails to detail what they were wearing?
    Hey, what were they wearing? Obviously, not life-jackets.

  7. The Kennedy deep water curse:
    The Kennedy clan should stay away from water deeper
    than a bathtub.
    Joseph P. jr. was killed during a secret mission in
    WWII. He was a PB4Y pilot involved in anti-sub ops.
    (over water)
    JFK managed to get his 40+ mph PT boat run over by
    a 30 mph Japanese destroyer. (water)
    Ted K. drove into the Chappaqiudic River and drowned his
    pregnant girlfriend. (water)
    JFK’s son flew his puddle jumper plane into the Atlantic;
    killing himself, his wife and another woman. (water)
    And now 2 more Kennedys’ dead taking a canoe out into a choppy bay with no life preservers on. Again, Water.
    If I were a Kennedy I’d find a mountain top in a desert
    to live on and never leave.
    But where is their stronghold? On the water.

  8. @John — You left out Michael Kennedy, one of Bobby’s 11 kids. He was killed in a skiing accident. OK, the water was frozen, but it was still water!

  9. Sad that the child was born into a family of useless assholes.

    I will reserve my sympathy for Mary Jo Kopechne and all the other women who crossed paths with the booze runners and had a bad result.

    Horrifically bad example of us Catholics.

  10. …this Nation is dedicated to not visiting the sins of the father onto the son. I do not like the Kennedy family in general and many living and dead adult members of it in particular, but I cannot hate an 8 year old for his parentage and no other reason.

    My Lord came to this Earth for the specific purpose of freeing us from the faults of our ancestors all the way back to Adam, and it seems wrong that we should judge a child by his parents more harshly than the Lord would.

    God can use ANYONE, even a Kennedy. He should at least have a chance to do so.

    This child died from adult stupidity. I will not celebrate the death of such a one, whatever his accident of birth. This is truly a tragedy.

    …I’ve almost drown twice in my life, the first time as a child in a frozen lake, the second as a man taking his first swim in the Atlantic way after the lifeguards had gone home. Both times I felt my strength leaving me and came face-to-face with the idea that my own power is insufficient, that I was going to die without help.

    It sucks. It is terrible to face such an utter defeat, and yet have time to realize you had doomed yourself with your own stupidity.

    I would not wish such a death on ANY child.

    …in my case, the Lord saw fit to save me, from the ice by the hand of a friend, and from the ocean by a calming prayer leading me out of a riptide, which I had heard of but did not respect before. I certainly do NOW.

    Were He not there to lend me His strength, literally or through others, I would have myself been lost to an appallingly aware death. But at least I HAD the Lord.

    This boy had probably never even been INTRODUCED to Him. Proud though they are of their catholocism, it rests VERY lighly on them, as with ALL Democrats who countenace abortion, just enough to give them Pharasee credit and earn a Pharasee’s reward (Matthew 6:2). This boy, raised by wolves such as these, most likely didn’t even know His NAME.

    …and THAT, my friends, is the TRUE tragedy…

  11. “So much hate for people ”

    the only hate is coming from you because you hate their opinion
    suck on your hate speech

  12. The kennedys would just be the rich clowns they are if they didnt feel entitled to be warped political brats. They are a very low IQ bunch, with big egos living off a name.
    I met robert kennedy jr at a party – what a weak putz.

  13. The Mother worked for Dianne Feinstein for several years. She was Executive Director of The Global Health Initiative which was introduced by Obama. My radar is up on this death.

  14. I appears to me that to a large extent (there are exceptions, of course) the famed “Kennedy Curse” is not a curse at all, but rather a matter of bad behavior and decisions. Having said that, I do feel very bad for the mother and son and the terror of their last minutes.

  15. Uncle AL,
    “I hereby nominate Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean for the Darwin Award with Poison Oak Leaf Cluster.”

    I second your nomination.
    Can we now hear a motion to adjourn?

  16. @AC (11:43 AM) — It isn’t hatred¹, it’s disdain.

    1. Grammar/usage note: “Hate” as a noun is best reserved for poetic uses; you don’t strike me as being a poet. The word works well as an adjective, but that’s not how you used it.

  17. @Anonymous April 9, 2020 at 11:43 am

    > So much hate

    So small minded. I have more than enough hate to go around.

    (I was worried, with the lock downs, that I might start running low on hate. But, thankfully, my stocks do not dwindle.)

  18. Why didn’t they have a water dog or at least servants for that mission?

    March Herring Bay water sounds lovely for an 8 year old.

  19. The curse on the Kennedy family…
    Blatant stupidity, it appears to be genetic,
    Handed down from one generation to the next in greater proportions.

  20. “So much hate for people you didn’t even know who did nothing to you.”

    Not hate. More like scorn, derision, revulsion, abhorrence, things along those lines.

    The ones we really hate are those jokers on here with the capital middle initial names making $87,000 a month from home.

    They’re just rubbin’ our noses innit.

  21. @gin blossom

    “Floaters” are great for catching Jimmys. 😃 Sometimes they tie ’em to a stake for a bit.

    River Humor


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