Boehner below 50 percent support in own district ahead of Tuesday’s primary

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Sounds like he has some work to do.
Check it out:

Republican House Speaker John Boehner would win only 49 percent of the vote if his re-election race were held today, according to a new poll conducted by Gravis Marketing, results of which were obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller.

Boehner picked up 49 percent support in his re-election bid and registered a 30 percent “unfavorable” rating in the poll, which surveyed high-propensity voters in Ohio’s eighth congressional district.

Boehner faces tea party challenger J.D. Winteregg in Tuesday’s Republican primary, in which approximately 85,000 voters are expected to head to the polls. Winteregg, who has been endorsed by the Tea Party Leadership Fund, was recently fired from his job as an adjunct professor at Ohio’s Cedarville University for running a viral commercial parody accusing Boehner of “Electile Dysfunction.”


12 Comments on Boehner below 50 percent support in own district ahead of Tuesday’s primary

  1. “…high-propensity voters…”

    I’m assuming that means “likely voters”. The pollsters probably ask, “What is your propensity to vote?” just to weed out LoFos.

  2. That’s what I’m saying, woody. Plus, the five dollar words make it sound real sciency.

  3. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in Boehner.
    When he displayed his initial “crying jag” after elected speaker I had compassion in my heart for the guy, since he came up the hard way from a blue collar background. I applauded his “passion,” assuming he’d give 110% for the party that so desperately needed logic and common sense after moon bat Pelosi. He has let us all down and needs to be replaced now. What a shame. That’s what I get for letting ‘compassion and feelings’ override pertinent issue requirements. Exactly what the Left does incessantly.

  4. I hope Ohio doesn’t have open primaries. If they do, Boehner will win. Virginia has open voting and the RINOs have learned that their friends across the aisle are more than willing to rally their troops to come out and vote for the more “moderate” (LEFT) candidate if a dem has no chance to win.

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