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Boehner’s resignation spells trouble for Jeb

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CNN: As if Jeb Bush needed another problem.

House Speaker John Boehner’s abrupt resignation Friday — after an insurrection by grassroots activists infuriated at the failure of Washington Republicans to thwart President Barack Obama — was another bad omen for a campaign wilting amid anti-establishment fury.

In the 2016 presidential race, outsiders are in, insiders are out and the messy power struggle that is splintering the GOP is going to make winning the nomination — and then capturing the White House — very tough for a party standard bearer like Bush.   more here


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  1. Good. Yeb! deserves any and all the monkey wrenches that can be slung his way. NOT electing K McCarthy – or any of his kind – in cryin’ Johns place would be another good step.

  2. Rest assured, just because ONE turd self-fshes, the RNC will do their best to bitterly cling to !Cheb! and, failing that, to Rubio, Kasich or another usefulless idiot.

  3. Peter King should step down too because who wants to work with a bunch of “crazies?” And Petey Boy The Bedwetter, Bo(eh)ner didn’t build the largest Republican majority in the modern era…WE DID. ?

  4. The friggiin RNC has a death wish if they expect me or other conservatives to tow their party line. Screw them, I won’t quit voting because they have lost me as a constituent or voter but I will not support the establishment types just because they’re the anointed leaders of the GOPEE party. I will write in Ted Cruz for president and vote for other conservative candidates on the down ticket for the Senate, Congress, Governor, Mayor. City Council etc. And there is no way in Hell I will ever vote for a Libertarian because they confuse liberty with license to do whatever they want to do and are too much into making every thing victimless (nobody’s to blame for anything. it’s all society’s fault or whiteys fault etc.) just like the democraps.

  5. You know, I can find something to like about all the GOP candidates except Jeb. His views on immigration are deplorably anti-American, and he has absolutely no redeeming qualities at all. If the Republican Party establishment believes him to be the most qualified standard-bearer for the party, well, then they absolutely deserve to lose the election.

    And I swear, if it’s Clinton vs. Bush next year, shoot me now. I’d rather write in Big Fur Hat.

  6. Mediocrity tends to breed more mediocrity. Imagine if Bobby Kennedy followed John F and then trickle down Teddy had become prez!!! We NEED someone outside the “inbred” Clinton/Bush circle jerk.

  7. No flashbacks, but thanks for bring it up. I think I’ll pull out “the Music Man” and watch it later. Always had a thing for Shirley Jones.

  8. Wrong, the grassroots conservatives did not off Crying John the GOPe kicked him to the curb. He was too much a symbol of the GOPe ineptness and corruption. They get rid of him to take some pressure off from them. Boner’s demise will help not hurt Old Farmer McJebby!

  9. His 3 children appear to be criminals, his wife had some run-ins with the law. What more could we want in a first family? We’ve already had a Yeti and a Liar. Why not drudge that barrel bottom a bit more?

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