Boeing to build Navy planes in Illinois

Just The News:

A new high-tech Navy plane will be built in Illinois.

Boeing has announced it will build the MQ-250 Stingray unmanned aerial refueler at a nearly 300,000 square foot facility at the MidAmerica Airport in Mascoutah. It is the Navy’s first carrier-based unmanned aircraft.

Construction of the facility is expected to begin later this year and be completed by 2024. As part of its agreement with the state, Boeing has committed to an initial investment of at least $200 million over 15 years.

“Right here, MidAmerica Airport, it is a cornfield now, but it is going to be a field of dreams when it comes to aviation and protecting America,” said Senator Dick Durbin at Friday’s announcement.

For two years, Boeing and the Navy have been flight testing the MQ-25 test asset from MidAmerica Airport, where in recent missions it has refueled a F/A-18 Super Hornet and an F35C Lightning II. more

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  1. Watch Mascoutah become a magnet for Turdistan immigrants in no time flat… especially if Turban Durban has anything to do with it!

  2. If you get a chance catch the 1hr show that was on Frontline (PBS) recently.
    It was about the Boeing 737 MAX software issue.
    Those fuckers were criminal, along with our fucked up government.
    Two planes went down, 500 people dead and they knew it would happen.
    Boeing didn’t want to require training for their new system so they deleted info in the manual. The Fox is guarding the henhouse with the FAA working with Boeing, actually getting paid by Boeing!
    Boeing had the audacity to blame foreign pilots.
    This after hiding information and training from them. INCREDIBLE!

    After watching this I can’t believe planes don’t fall from the sky on a daily basis.
    The 737 Max had a software addition that took CONTROL of the aircraft based on input from a single sensor… the AOA- Angle of Attack sensor.

    CNN has an article I cannot post here?
    Just search “boeing-sensor-737-max-faa”

  3. East St Louis Illinois a little slice of heaven. If you are a gangbanger with an AK.

    Good luck keeping employees in near one of the most violent cities in America.

    Great pick Boeing…

  4. How much more political corruption are we going to put up with? Every business able to do so is leaving Illinois because of stage 4 corruption, high taxes, crime rates off the charts, and no hope of improvement.

  5. @Cisco Kid –

    Mascoutah is in close proximity to Scott Air Force Base (which is in closer proximity to East St. Louis), but still, pretty far from ESL. I wouldn’t worry so much about the gang bangers, since they avoid a) work, and b) military/LEO facilities.

  6. Went to SIU and spent a week in East St. Louis one night! What did I know coming from the northern edge of the state. Lucky to be alive as I was definitely the only white boy in the establishments we went into.

    Good times, or so I was told not remembering everything…

  7. C’mon Loco, really? You believe CNN AND Frontline!!? Go read about that from a real source. Try Flying archives, Aviation Week, or other credible sources. How many domestic 737 Max’s went down? Truth is, some pilots such, and bean counters will cheap out of as much training and Sim time as possible to save .50 cents. Much worse at foreign airlines than here.

  8. Unmanned?

    Great. Some Russian/Chineezzy hacker will get the password/unlock codes and every motherfucker other than NATO will get a free Gas & Go.

    2021 Dumber Than Shit!

  9. East St. Louis can be beautiful. If you’re in the top of the Gateway Arch at night and look east toward East St. Louis, the muzzle flashes of all the 9mm’s going off look like fireflies in the night. It’s breathtaking!

  10. Good thing these planes are being made close to the Heartland: so shit like Milley and Lloyd Austin can follow shit like Biden and Harris to attack us.

  11. Actual Pilot, I totally agree the sources can be biased.

    That said, Frontline is a very respectable show.
    If you watch it you will see what was presented is irrefutable and unbiased.
    The CEO was tossed so that tells you that the bullshit went all the way to the top.

    It was Boeing that didn’t want to do additional training and evidently used that as a selling point for their new aircraft.
    If I was a customer, say Southwest, I would insist on pilot training for any new aircraft/cockpit changes/software changes.

    I agree that USA pilots are superior. Hell the Air Force & Navy train the top guns no doubt.

    That said, how can you fault overseas pilots when crucial information is HIDDEN from them?
    That and no redundancy for the AoA sensor? come on?

    Please watch that Frontline episode.
    In emails some piece-of-shit Boeing employee was MOCKING the dead foreign pilots.

    Thankfully the 737 Max was grounded before the USA lost one.
    Sorry, but Boeing is 100% owning this travesty.

  12. Actual Pilot, one more thing…

    I imagine these foreign pilots flew countless hours in the standard 737, yet once they fly the 737 Max, they become incompetent?

    Sadly, Boeing’s arrogance and greed got people killed.
    No fucking doubt.

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