Boiled Eggs and Lava Bread

In the hot spring town of Laugarvatn, Iceland, the most pristine rye bread is baked in volcanic, muddy ground. Siggi Rafn Hilmarsson from Laugarvatn Fontana takes us through the making process step by step and welcomes us into his bakery, aka the hot springs of the lake in Laugarvatn. The sand by the lake can host from 10 to 15 tins of bread.

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  1. Same Iceland the just gave Horsefaced Jackass an enviro award?

    The also eat Shark fermented in its own urine. “Hakar”

  2. When I was in ReykjavΓ­k 20 years ago there was a restaurant that served “hot rock” dinners. It’s basically a slab of really hot lava rock that is brought to your table and placed in front of you, along with a bunch of raw meet, vegetables and sauces. The waiter ties a fireproof apron on you and you cook your food on the hot rock while you sit and eat it.

  3. @ Rick
    Try the hard boiled pickled eggs,you can buy in jars at the grocery store.
    Your wife may leave you but dogs are Mans best friend.

  4. @MJA
    You know why there is SOOOO much talk about area 51?
    Because they don’t want you to find out about area 52…

  5. @Akex, have a jar of pickled eggs in the fridge. Whenever I break em out the wife says, it’s gonna be a long night.

  6. I LOVE rye bread, onion rye bread, with ham, cheese…and EXTRA mayo.

    Will have to try the egg and toast Iceland recipe…


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