Bold Tweet From Benny Johnson of TPUSA

It doesn’t get any more succinct and accurate than this.

ABC is despicable.

11 Comments on Bold Tweet From Benny Johnson of TPUSA

  1. I’m wondering if this revelation will actually hurt ABC’s viewership and ratings.

    Surely there will be some kind of poll done about it.

  2. It’s all about the money. Big businesses tell them what to say, and which democrats get paid for saying what. Trump is wiping out their funding.
    I finally sat down and watched “Unplanned”. “Planned Parenthood” is in 187 countries. Multi-billion $ corporation, AND was government subsidized. Top donors, the same ass-hats that fund the democrats.

  3. How about the FCC pull their broadcast license? Where is the public good to continue their use of public airways?

  4. BENNY JOHNSON is a useless tool of TPUSA/Charlie Kirk/Ben Shapiro.
    Long live Nick Fuentes and American Nationalist!

  5. An ABC is made up/run by who again?

    Here’s a hint;

    They’re not Americans. They’re people loyal to their own nation.

  6. I wonder whether the cops could look at ABC being an accessory after the fact for hiding evidence? Statute of limitation should perhaps apply to the role ABC played in burying the story. It could be worth a few subpoenas if only to increase the sales of adult depends, Xanax and Johnny Blue.


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