Bolton Resigns As National Security Advisor

Fox News

President Trump announced Tuesday that he has fired National Security Adviser John Bolton, saying he “disagreed strongly” with his suggestions on a range of issues.

“I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House,” Trump tweeted Tuesday. More


Mitt Romney ‘Very Unhappy’ with John Bolton’s Firing, Suggests ‘John Bolton’ as Replacement. – MJA.

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  1. Trump is not going to have someone in a position that doesn’t forward and agree to his direction. Successful people make changes to their teams all the time. Next.

  2. Not sure if he ever saw a country he didn’t want to blow up? He had his good points, like driving the left nuts, but they were that way already.

  3. I’ve been watching the Trump Cultists on Free Republic. The miserables dumb fuckwits they are.

    Say what you want about Bolton, I’ve never doubted his allegiance to an America First policy.

    You can disagree with the course of action he might suggest, which leaned to interventionism, but I rarely heard his assessment of an enemy or false ally I disagreed with.

    He offers advice and The Pres does what he wants to do regardless.

    Is it over the Taliban-Camp David offer? Who knows? North Korea hated his guts. So did China and Iran.

    I also don’t think he will turn on Trump but he might not allow himself to be lied about.

    You can’t quit, you’re fired. Shitty way to handle the people who try to help but that’s where we are.

    You know how I know Bolton offered to resign? Because Trump didn’t say he crawled and begged like a fucking dog like “Sloppy Steve”.

    Naturally, the media want to antagonize as much as possible but Bolton didn’t call Trump a liar and I don’t see him on msnbc.

  4. We’ll only know after a new national security advisor is appointed how much this administration’s policies were driven by Bolton.

    A contrarian is needed by every administration to avoid group think. I hope some day we get an objective account of those staff meetings with Bolton.

  5. Romney never would have hired someone like Bolton. His criticism is opportunistic as always.

    No Democrat or Establishment Republican would. Bush picked him only to antagonize the UN in a short term appointment.

    Trump is the only one who would roll the dice on him. But nothing about Trump’s foreign policy over the year looks like anything Bolton would suggest.

    Maybe the hardline on Mexico.

    We’ve been all talk on Iran. Some sanctions. North Korea is setting off bombs and missiles weekly after “beautiful letters” and unprecedented one to one talks.

    The trade war with China has been proportional, piecemeal, tit for tat responses and nothing about Hong Kong at all.

    We’ve abandoned the guy we backed in Venezuela so he’s marked for death and treason.

    None of this suggests Bolton ran anything except for the Contrarian’s Club. Membership now standing at zero.

  6. Mitt’s trying to gaslight us. Either trying to burnish his won reputation as a foreign policy hawk or figuring if he throws his support behind Bolton then no body will ever listen to a single thing the former National Security Advisor has to say.

  7. I’m going to strike that first paragraph. Bolton endorsed Romney in 2012 and advised him on policy.

    I still don’t believe the people who control Romney would let him put a Bolton in a meaningful position.

  8. OT: is it me, or does everyone else also hate it when a ‘journalist’ has the need to quote, verbatim, a tweet, which is the only information in the ‘article’ & then post that very same tweet, not once, but twice?!!! why do they think we need to read something 3 times in a row? can’t they just set up the story & post the tweet?

    jeebus! …. drives me absolutely freakin’ nuts!

  9. I voted for a foreign policy that would be MUCH less antagonistic. I think that’s what we were promised.
    What the hell was this guy doing in that job in the first place?

  10. “Well…bye.”

    Another neocon endless war cheerleader bites the dust. Go Trotsky somewhere else, John, and take your soup-strainer with you.

  11. Buh-Bye to yet another no skin in the game warmongering prick. I give it a week before Walrus man goes full Scaramooch on Trump, the sure sign that he’s a swamp rat asshole.

  12. No more nation building. Building stuff for nation’s that want to kill us isn’t going to make them love us. I know sometimes you have to kill bad people, but can we send them something from 30 thousand feet.


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