Bomb Squad Called After Man ‘Slips And Falls’ Lodging WWII Shell Inside His Bottom – IOTW Report

Bomb Squad Called After Man ‘Slips And Falls’ Lodging WWII Shell Inside His Bottom

What What In the butt.

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The man, who is said to be a collector of military items, claimed he ‘slipped and fell’ on the 6cm armour-piercing projectile, which subsequently became stuck up his bottom. He sought medical assistance after realising he couldn’t get it out.STORY

I await your jokes.

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  1. What’s disturbing, (outside of the weaponized ass hole), is the A&E physician saying that extractions of foreign objects from anuses is a daily occurrence.

  2. “The patient is now said to have been released from hospital and is expected to fully recover from their ordeal.”

    Not if they release his name. He’ll never recover from the embarrASSment.

  3. That is the same story a friend who was an emergency room physician said he was told by the guy who brought his boyfriend in with a toolbox stuck up his ass. A toolbox full of tools that measured 4×6 inch cross section

  4. TRF
    DECEMBER 4, 2021 AT 12:12 PM
    “Man bombs in Gloucester.
    Comedians everywhere can relate!”

    Not everywhere.

    Just in Gloucester.

  5. A ‘cousin’ of ours used to be an ER nurse back in the day in downtown LA. She used to come visit us and tell us her stories. lol. A lot of drug addicts, drunks, etc.
    One night, some dude comes in sweating and one of the nurses ask him what his problem is. He said he’s not sure if this is his [he had a dick in his hand].

    Nurse: Are you in pain?
    Guy: “I don’t think so.”
    Nurse: looks over the desk and sees the blood dripping on the ground. “Well, you should be. Come on in.”

    How high are you that you can’t feel that???

  6. I at least hope it went pointy-end first. If the ER smacks the primer with a center-punch and hammer, it will come out easier.

  7. Obama was commander in chief of the armed forces: he probably had tons of these ass toys brought into the White House, with 5 gallon buckets of K-Y lube. Miley was probably at the parties.

    Too bad none of them went off.

  8. It happens a lot. I had a paramedic call for a guy who fell and got his fornicator stuck in a vacuum cleaner hose.

  9. Bob Jakob
    DECEMBER 4, 2021 AT 6:04 PM
    “It happens a lot. I had a paramedic call for a guy who fell and got his fornicator stuck in a vacuum cleaner hose.”

    …interesting you should mention that, guess this isn’t as uncommon a youthful injury as might be hoped…

    …One time, my squad was called to a house for an “unknown type injury with possible
    entrapment”, and the County dispatch could only tell us it was a panicky young
    man who only repeated “Im hurt BAD, its GOT me!” hysterically, but would
    provide no further details. Given the nature and uncertainty of the call, we rolled
    our Heavy Rescue Unit as well as our Squad and were led by Law Enforcement
    elements, and converged on the scene.
    Once there, we found a young man alone in his house, in his bedroom with a
    vacuum cleaner, one of the old late 70s ones with metal wands. It seems some
    friend or other had suggested he could try a thing with it involving insetion of his
    member, with this young man did. Unfortunately, he did not take into account that
    a) metal wands have SHARP edges, b) semi-rigid objects inserted in the laminar
    airflow tend to oscillate, resulting in them violently striking both sides of the
    enclosure, and c) this makes the semi- rigid object swell if its made of flesh.
    This resulted in him becoming firmly caught in the slim tube, and bloodied by the
    sharp edges. This ALSO resulted in his being mortified by the large number of
    men and women we had brought to his aid, as well as the prospect of telling
    Mom why her vacuum cleaner is missing a wand later. Long story short, wand
    and boy were taken to the hospital, where they were eternally separated.
    I wasn’t there for Mom’s arrival, unfortunately.
    Not sure whether this was “rape” for the vacuum cleaner – the LEO couldn’t stop
    laughing long enough to ask him – but I AM sure the young man NEVER tried
    that again.
    … sure does add a whole new dimension to the definition of the word “beater
    brush” though doesn’t it…

  10. Reminds me of a well-publicized incident some years back involving actor Richard Gere. The guy had to be rushed to the ER after inserting a hamster into his rectum for some perverted degenerate sensation, then couldn’t remove the poor suffocated animal.


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