Boobie the Rocket Dog Busts My New PO Box’s Cherry

Boobie wins the “Be the first on your block to send ten dollars into my new PO Box- i Own The World/ BigFurHat PO Box 881563 Port St. Lucie, Fl 34988”

Now I can get the white belt to go with my socks and sandals.


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  1. Dude! PSL, really? I used to live there. We nicknamed it “Da Pizzle Fo’ Shizzle”

    Email me for places to try and places to avoid.

    If you want good seafood, try The Thirsty Turtle. They even let you bring in your own fillets from fish you caught and they’ll cook it for a small plate-prep charge.

    The City Council is corrupt as hell. In the 2012 elections they stuffed the shit out of the ballot boxes and fucked Col Allen West out of his Congressional re-election.

  2. Soon you’ll learn to live in a sock free world. Been here over a decade and have reduced to a single pair of shoes that have room for socks. Only wear them on those cold sub 78F days.

  3. @ Uncle Al,

    Would you believe the teenagers are now wearing the black over the calf socks with shorts. I about barfed when I saw that.

  4. For the last time, I did not move to PSL!
    I am here spanning time, in luxury, in the few oasisisisisis in this part of town while I look for new digs.
    If I go 2 miles in any direction I am in hell.
    Right here, pretty damn nice.

  5. @ Uncle Al

    Because the teens are one of my grandsons and his friends. They finally grew up this year and their shorts now ride just below the waist rather than the butt. It’s their senior year in HS, and Univ in the forecast. Yep, they grew up (but black socks – yuck!)

  6. If you mentioned the Koch Brothers were threatening to repress you…it probably would have been $100!

  7. If I am lucky, I get Boobie the Rocket Dog sloppy seconds…and I added a bit to adorn the BFH mobile so he will fit in in his temporary abode. If BFH doesn’t understand this comment in the next couple of days, his local postal employees are thieves.

    Enjoy your walk-a-bout Biggie! Many are jealous to be sure!

  8. BTW Biggie Hat, that whole “FOR THE LAST TIME” thingy will be repeated repeatedly for a fair piece of time, so get used to saying that.

  9. @PJ – Ah, now understood. I haven’t seen the style your grandson and friends are wearing.

    I have tried the combo of support socks with sandals but only in the privacy of my own home. I have no plans for a wider audience than my wife and my cat. I can handle up to half the audience laughing, but no more than that.

  10. No offense but BFH, I wouldn’t send you a fucking dime.
    I live within pissing distance from your “post office box”, and you get nothing from me, bitch.
    Make your own way in life, I will not support you.
    Are you fucking kidding me? You want “conservatives” to send you money from their own income to make your life better? What the fuck, dude.
    If I’m going to give money to someone for something, it will be for standing up for ALL of US,

  11. Fuck you and your money grabbing scheme. Shame on you Boobie, and all the others who fell for BFH scheme to live on the beach at YOUR expense.
    Do none of you understand SOCIALISM?

  12. Oh my! Wittle Ewic got his whittle feewings all huwt and stuff!

    I do wonder if Eric ever goes to a movie. I suppose movies should be free and the folks that spend their time making them should find their own way in life and not ask folks that go to the movies to pay for a ticket to see it. Video games should be free too, because Eric said so. Everything should be free!

    I send Big Fur Hat money from time to time because he provides something of value to me, and where he lives does not matter much. Well, that is a lie…If I can help him live at the beach, I am happy to help him! Especially if it pisses of idiots like little eric.

    BTW eric, what do you do for a living?

  13. Eric, just for the sheer joy of pissing your little disgruntled ass off, I am sending a check in the amount of $100 to BFH.

    Fur, please e-mail on how to make the check out.

    Anyone care to join me?

  14. Eric – “everything on the internet should be free” – the douchenozzle, wouldn’t understand socialism if it came and stole every penny he earned – if he even works.

    So you visit a site that is owned and paid for by someone else, and enjoy creative parody and other content that is created with someone else’s skill and time, and you get PISSED OFF because he has the audacity to NOT CHARGE you for your enjoyment, but rather has the audacity to ask for a donation.

    Nobody forced you to come here and nobody is forcing you to make a donation. Instead of being thankful that this is a free site for your enjoyment, you complain that the owner would ask for a small donation.

    I doubt that you would understand that a donation is freely given, while your enjoyment of the free content of this site is the epitome of socialism.

    “…From each according to his ability, to each according to his need…”

    You’re an asshat Eric, You owe Fur an apology at the very least.

  15. Eric, WTF?

    Mr. Hat stands up for all of us, every single fucking day! Where do you suppose these comments are being posted? You don’t make bad sense, dude.

    Now I’m gonna pony up some money … shit …

  16. Eric et al.- I send $$ to iOTW periodically; this time I got “published.” So what? iOTW is the most entertaining thing coming over Comcast cable bar none and I spend a lot of time here.

    Ever see this in the right-hand column?

    Support iOwnTheWorld Artists & Writers


    Yeah we ain’t too proud! Yeah we accept donations!!!

    I didn’t think so, freeloader.

  17. Wait just a second…has anyone ever seen BFH & Eric in the same room?…I’m just sayin’. It would be a devious & brilliant plan. Create some whiny douchebag named Eric to attack BFH thus leading to sympathy…and more donations. BFH is a flippin’ genius and a legend in his own mind!


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