BOOK: GOP Senators ‘Laughed Out Loud’ at Notion Border Wall Would Get Built

Breitbart: During a private meeting of the most senior Republican senators, GOP leaders “laughed out loud at the idea that Trump’s border wall would ever be built.”

The explosive revelation comes from Laura Ingraham’s new book, Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump.

Ingraham reports that her source “was there in the room” when it happened and that the sordid episode is “a reminder that the populist movement that delivered Trump into office must remain vigilant and keep the heat on the GOP Establishment.”

The bestselling author and new Fox News primetime host argues that Republicans will pay an enormous political price if the GOP Establishment succeeds in torpedoing President Trump’s border wall.

“Mark these words: If a wall—a physical wall—is not erected along our southern border, the president and his party will pay a severe political price,” writes Ingraham. She added: “Like George Bush’s promise to ‘Read [his] lips: no new taxes,’ the promise of a border wall was a searing pledge to the American people.”  Read more

18 Comments on BOOK: GOP Senators ‘Laughed Out Loud’ at Notion Border Wall Would Get Built

  1. I left the DemocRAT Party in 1976 when Carter was elected (voted for the Republican in every election since Nixon in ’68) … left the Republican Party in December 2016
    … good choices, both

  2. This is like a bad movie with villains laughing maniacally.

    No repeal. No wall. No tax cuts. No infrastructure.

    Guess what Mitch. I’m looking at 2018 and you boys are toast. We’ll not only take fake republican senate seats. We’ll take democrat seats and plenty of them.

    We’ll see who gets the last laugh, funny boy

  3. They are actively building the sections to be selected from, so we need to make sure the boots never leave the site !!!

  4. just had a brain fart …. Trump should have a donation site just like those ‘name a brick for a donation’ type-drives where anyone gets to have a memorial brick at the local library or other municipal building, in your parents, grandparents, spouses, kids, grandkids name … that wall would be built faster than you can say ‘NASCAR Sponsor’!
    … “This section of the Great Wall of the United States sponsored by the ΛΑΒΕ family”

  5. We need a viable third party. Sorry, most Repugnicants are the swamp. Screw them…..I hope Bannon primaries some of those sons of bitches.

  6. btw … have I said ‘Phuck you Republican Party’ lately?
    … didn’t think so …

    Phuck you, Republican Party

  7. RINOS
    These people are put there by the liberals to insure the right can’t go
    off the liberal reservation.
    We need to get the RINOS out of office.

  8. I’ll bet they are not laughing now. Assholes. Just say “Steve Bannon” and watch them curl up in the fetal position on the floor.

  9. McConnell’s shit eating grin and disgusting face is as appalling as that of that short fat retard seen mouthing off in North Korea!

  10. Oh you better bet these jerks are quaking in their boots lately. Mitch just streamlined the federal judge nomination process yesterday. They’re feeling the heat big time.

  11. These traitors should’ve learned some American history.
    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” –although not a true quote of Jap. Adm. Yamamoto, the idea is relevant here.

    ALL American politicians need to be reminded, through physical rebuke if necessary, that when they have assumed a public Office they took a solemn pledge to serve The People, not to enrich themselves and lie with their every breath.

    Many have given their LIVES willingly for this country’s sake. Some of these cretins truly need to be boiled in oil and decorated with plumage.

  12. The GOP leadership doesn’t want Trump to be re-elected. Hell, they didn’t want him elected in the first place. They all voted for the rapist’s wife.


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