Booker’s Campaign manager Says Spartacus Must Raise $1.7m, Or Else!

That’s a shame.

OAN: Cory Booker’s campaign manager said the next 10 days will decide whether or not the Democrat can remain in the race in an apparent fundraising plea. More

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  1. I swear this is so much bullshit. He knew he was never going to win and he’s just looking for an graceful exit with all the cash he’s raised up to now. Every campaign win or lose needs to face an outside auditor to trace all the money and make public a full reporting. Still hoping that congress passes a law that takes all the leftover money from a campaign and uses it to pay down the debt. No more passing it around.

  2. This isn’t hard if you follow the Democrat playbook:
    1. Go down to the Bahamas
    2. Declare you are setting up a disaster-relief charity. Let’s just call it the T-Bone Foundation.
    3. Skim 40% off the top and give it to paid “donors” that will donate most of it to your campaign and keep a little coin for themselves.

  3. Scr_north: I am not going to hold my breath that Congress will do anything to end one of their favourite money-making schemes.

  4. just an aside on that t-shirt … If you are a Feminist/Queer does that make you hetro-normal?

    nevermind … who has time for that shit?

  5. @RadioMattM; Hey Matt. You never know if Graham and McConnell can do a turn around and actually start acting like conservatives maybe a few more can. Besides, would a change like I mentioned even have to go through the Houses? Couldn’t the FEC simply make it election law?

  6. Act now! Time is running out. For your generous donation you will receive a personally autographed 8 by10 photo and a vial of holy water blessed by The Virgin Saint, Gretchen of the Yacht. God will call Corey home unless he raises $5 million soon.

  7. That’s sad.
    Booger is comedy gold.
    Mini-ta-tas makes me want to puke, not to laugh.

    Oh, well …
    “Now, when I talked to God, I knew He’d understand
    He said, “Stick by my side and I’ll be your guiding hand
    But don’t ask me what I think of you
    I might not give the answer that you want me to …”

    Poor Booger – thinks he’s got it all figured out.

    izlamo delenda est …

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