Border Crossings Down 75%

White House – Public Domain

Dan Illegal border crossings are finally declining massively after the explosion of illegal crossings faced earlier this year. In addition to illegals crossings  including the relatively new phenomenon of unaccompanied minors making the journey.

While we don’t have a complete border wall (though there is expected to be 100+ miles of new wall completed by year end), Donald Trump has come through on his other half of his promise to build a wall – making Mexico pay for it. Trump has tweaked of the Migrant Protection Protocols (forcing illegals attempting to enter the U.S. to wait in Mexico if they claim asylum), thus outsourcing much of the enforcement burden to Mexico’s armed forces to help combat illegal immigration, which the Mexican government is footing the bill for. read more

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  1. Congress forbade spending on a border wall. Since they control the purse strings a judge halted construction. See what you get voting for a Democrat?

  2. “Ooh, but one person can climb across the wall in five minutes and find the Border Patrol waiting for him as opposed to 100 people going across the border in seconds and disappearing into the desert. That means the wall is not working!”


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