Border Ranchers Shock MSNBC With Facts On Illegal Immigration

Daily Caller: A husband and wife who ranch on the Rio Grande river told MSNBC on Tuesday that they believe President Trump is doing the right thing by enforcing border laws.

MSNBC tried to ask the couple a multitude of leading questions about the separation of families when they cross the border illegally, but the ranchers continuously smashed their narrative.

“When you see parents and children separated why do you support the policy that, to many people, appears to be heartless?” MSNBC’s Kerry Sanders asked.

“It’s basically the laws of our land,” Presnall Cage said. “Trump I believe is going in the right direction. I believe it’s going to be a deterrent to keep this from happening.”  MORE HERE

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  1. This is the latest manufactured crisis by liberals and their madia buddies.

    Crying babies on TV. Momma, momma, Daddy, daddy! Cummings crying, Schumer tearing up along with Naddler and others. Fake, phony, frauds.

    These scumbags have no problem with ABORTION ON DEMAND!

    Now that’s what I call permanent separation.

  2. The “separation of kids from their families” issue is nothing but chaff and countermeasures (sundance) and distraction from the IG report and hearings in DC right now.

  3. @Chiggerbug – spot on.

    For someone as cynical as I am, I am surprised by my surprise at the extent of the deceit, disingenuousness, and partisanship swallowed by the massively gullible and ignorant hoi polloi.

    Anybody with more than four gray cells hooked up in parallel should be focused on, and incensed by, the deep corruption of the DOJ/FBI (and that’s just for starters).

  4. As glaringly obvious and superficial as this new attempt to draw attention from the hearings is it’s still enough to send the republicans scurrying under their desks. It’s sickening to behold these cowards. No wonder they can’t pass legislation there is a possibility of upsetting some big mouth lefties.

  5. Your child is crying congratulations you and your puling child are now citizens. Step over to the lady at the desk, she will issue you food and housing vouchers, 500 cash for any other items you may need and don’t forget your voter ID card. NEXT!!

  6. Oh BFH, thanks for that tidbit yesterday about asking the libs to tell us what type of asylum the illegals are asking for. The usual, seeking asylum is not a crime BS. I asked her what type of asylum is being sought as economic hardship is not criteria for asylum acceptance. If it was, then 1/2 of the worlds population would be on our borders asking for asylum. Also asked why the Coptic Christians in the Middle east were not offered asylum after Obama / Hillary started Arab Spring and the Coptics were being persecuted and killed based on who they were.

    Absolute silence in return, lol.

  7. Why is everyone screaming about a law which has been in effect since GW Bush signed it into law ten or twelve years ago? Trump didn’t enact this legislation but I’ll bet he fixes it PDQ. Just hype by the TDS crowd trying to make an issue of crap DJT inherited from the two previous Obozos (apt for both).
    If migrants go through points of entry there is no separation of families. Others who are breaking the law and entering illegally are separated.
    If someone brings their kids along while breaking into your home should you be forced to adopt their children? Didn’t think so.
    If potential migrants do not want to be separated from their children then apply legally or keep your ass in your own country. You do not have the right to break into ours and suck off our largess simply because your country is a shithole.

  8. @Chiggerbug June 20, 2018 at 10:53 am

    > The “separation of kids from their families” issue is nothing but chaff and countermeasures

    While it is, indeed, chaff — it is not “nothing but”. It is going to motivate, thus distracting, some. It is going to waste others’ resources, clearing it away.

    But, if it “sticks”, those who call Americans “enemy” (which is wholly different from “America’s enemies”) gain another hill in their invasion. From which they can further dominate that area of attack. Until that hill is completely secure (by precedent), or is retaken, by the even greater expenditure of resources.

    Heads they win. Tails they win more.

  9. The repub congressional globalists are more scared of giving up the money the US Chambor of commerce, globalists, the industry that is getting rich off the trafficking, and the church organizations as well as the corporate entities who house then disperse these people into our communities.

    Yea, I know it’s a jumbled up sentence, but deal with it. I don’t have time right now to fix it.

  10. The entire ‘family’ should be immediately escorted back to the border. At gun point, if need be. Just like Communist countries used to do when the family tried to escape.

  11. @Burner June 20, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    > The entire ‘family’ should be immediately escorted back to the border.

    Once they are in custody, they are the private property of the Black Prinxesses.

    Get over your American exceptionalism. If Americans, as a quantum, were that smart, they wouldn’t be in this situation. Maybe you could learn something from the Europeans. Maybe the Hungarians.


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