Border wall can be built with money seized from cartels

Wa Times:

Money seized from Mexican drug cartels would be used to build the border wall, under a new bill introduced Wednesday by Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr., the House Republican who oversees immigration.

The bill calls for the Justice Department to study ways to increase forfeitures from Mexican drug cartels, and says half of the money the government does seize from them should be used to pay for a wall, other physical barriers or technology that would deter illegal crossings.

Mr. Sensenbrenner said it seemed like an easy solution that wouldn’t put more strain on the U.S.-Mexico relationship, which has become tense in the wake of President Trump’s vow to make Mexico pony up funds to build his wall.

“If we do nothing, we put the people of this nation at risk, as well as allow illegal immigrants to take away jobs, opportunities, and social funding from U.S. citizens — all at the expense of the American taxpayer,” he said in a statement. “The BUILD WALL Act is a creative solution to a complex problem and I encourage my colleagues to support it.”

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6 Comments on Border wall can be built with money seized from cartels

  1. That’s right. Run the money to ground, seize the bank accounts. If Trump does this right, we might even use it to start paying down the debt.

  2. grab all ya can, but be sure ya get me one of them biggass speedboats or some of the classic cars these bastards own.

  3. Al: “The Don says he wants a wall around the estate. Da whole estate. A big, beautiful wall.”

    Bibi: “Dat’s gonna be expensive.”

    Al: “Have da boys steal the money from da neighbors.”

    Bibi: “They’re already stealin from da neighbors.”

    Al: “Have em steal harder.”

    Bibi: “They’ll want overtime for the extra work”

    Al: “Let em keep half of whatever day steal.”

    Bibi: “Dat’s why evahbody respects you, Al. You’s good people.”


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