Border Wall Construction Begins in El Paso, Texas

Breitbart Texas:

Border Patrol officials in the El Paso Sector announced that construction of a new section of border wall began on Saturday. The new four-mile section of road will replace existing fencing near downtown El Paso.

“This new wall will be far more durable and far more effective in deterring would-be illegal entrants,” El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Aaron A. Hull said in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. Chief Hull said crews will build a “bollard-style” design that will make the barrier more durable and harder to breach.

West Point Contractors from Tucson, Arizona, won the contract to build this newest section of international border barrier for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The new wall will begin just west of the Paso Del Norte international bridge and extend about four miles to the east. Plans include removing the existing fencing and replacing it with an 18-foot high bollard wall. The project is expected to cost about $22 million and will be completed in late April 2019, officials stated.  more detail

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  1. Heck! That’s only a tad under $1,042.00 per foot……. Good Wall it must be….
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. My design involved 30′ concrete with
    electric razor wire at top.Should have
    started in 1960 with 4 crews,2 in the middle
    and 2 on the coasts.

  3. My design included 270° south facing pill boxes with detection systems and laser beams. No fence needed, just turn them into refried beans as soon as they cross the line.

  4. Some historical walls:

    Mud brick walls in Asia and the Fertile Crescent.
    Constantinople and Jerusalem.
    Great Wall of China
    Palisade hill forts in Britain.
    Hadrian’s wall.
    City walls in Europe, Italy, Turkey, Russia etc.
    Pre-Columbian stone walls in the New World.
    Maginot line.
    Berlin wall.
    Iron Curtain.
    The Wall (Pink Floyd)

    …to name but a few.


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