Boris Johnson Hospitalized With Chinese Flu

ABC News

The U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized with “persistent symptoms” of coronavirus on Sunday night as a “precautionary step,” Downing Street said.

Johnson was admitted to hospital to undergo tests on the advice of his doctor ten days after he revealed he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The prime minister has a temperature, and no update was given on his condition on Monday. More

BBC report Here

9 Comments on Boris Johnson Hospitalized With Chinese Flu

  1. Whew! Good thing he doesn’t have to wait his turn at the National Health Gulag like the proles do!

  2. This is the way it works under socialized medicine.

    The rich and important people get instant access to every possible service, even when not actually needed immediately, or maybe even needed at all, and the rest of the people wait in line for their turn, no matter how desperately they may need it.

  3. Huh. Wonder what HE did to Hillary.

    He’s still alive, tho. Maybe it’s just a warning…

  4. Considering the Type of Pansies you could get as a Prime Minister in England, he is actually pretty decent. ***OVERALL ****

    With a national leader you have to take extra precautions.

    I do find it ridiculous that he is in a HOSPITAL.

    You would thing that he would be on a MILITARY BASE or in a Special location with higher security, better isolation, etc.

    I imagine that there is a more secure and safer protocol for a US president. Lets hope so.

    Turdeau on the other hand has been “holed up” at “Rideau Cottage” down the street from his wife who he really has not been seen with in a long time.

    “Holed Up”

  5. Lord Jesus, please protect and heal Boris Johnson the Prime Minister of England, Amen. And everyone else no matter who they are or where they’re from from the scourge of this virus. And please allow us to get back to work as soon as feasibly possible. Please protect President Trump as well from all the unwarranted attacks on him and the American people as well who don’t believe all the lies the media and the democraps keep spewing forth on a daily basis.

  6. Sorry to hear that he went to the hospital. Den of vermin. Much cleaner at home. I hope he gets over his fever soon.


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