Born To Rise

Born To Rise US Military Tribute

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  1. Thank you for posting this, as a veteran we all gave some and some gave all for this nation. As an aside I’m going to see the WW1 documentary They Shall Not Grow Old directed by Peter Jackson from archival material (mostly BBC) from WW1 and colorized to bring it up to date tonight at 7. It’s in limited release and will only be shown today and again on Dec. 27th. I’ll let you know later what I think of it, WW 1 needs to be remembered as much as WW 2 if not even more since it was the prelude to WW 2.

  2. I’m glad our military has their President’s undying support. There’s nothing like being on the front lines with a yellow-bellied pie flinger (h/t Back to the Future II) as CiC — under That Other Guy who played golf all the time.

  3. Ooh Rah brothers, first drink is always on me.
    I live 20 miles from Parris Island, buy a lot of drinks,
    hand out a lot of cigars, it’s grad week.
    Gotta say, they are running the boys(read brave young men)through.

  4. This family of retired marine, and active duty apache pilot, spec ops officer, and nuclear swo thinks this is the best Reagan speech ever.

  5. Does my heart good. So glad there are still brave men and women who believe in this country. BTW, President Reagan was incredible.

  6. I went thru the Nixon/Carter years when an E3 PFC made less than minimum wage and qualified for food stamps and welfare if married. It was a tough time with the Vietnam war ending and money was tight for the military. Although I got out, President Reagan changed the pay structure to almost doubling the salaries. Reagan was a great warrior in my eyes, and I am forever grateful to serve as an Airborne RANGER.


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