Boston Herald: Warren ‘Must Stop Using Dangerous’ Anti-Police Rhetoric


The editors of the Boston Herald are calling on 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to “stop using dangerous and false” rhetoric regarding law enforcement officers.

A scathing editorial by the Boston Herald titled, “Warren must end vile rhetoric” rips Warren for her most recent false claim and attack on police officers in the case of 18-year-old Michael Brown who was shot by an officer in 2014. While Brown was shot and killed, Warren claimed that the man was “murdered,” ignoring the findings of the Department of Justice (DOJ) which revealed the shooting to be self-defense on the officer’s end. more here

17 Comments on Boston Herald: Warren ‘Must Stop Using Dangerous’ Anti-Police Rhetoric

  1. Elizabeth Warren can lie, berate, distort, and exaggerate about our Law Enforcement heroes all she wants. Their unions are still going to fund her.

  2. Throwing their ‘matter’ at the public to see who likes that sort of thing. Going after local law helps establish the leftist dream of a federal police.

  3. Moe Tom,

    Respectfully request you post the video link you sent from yesterday afternoon, showing how bad it is for the cops without the evil bitch in-sighting further problems for them…

    Or for that matter Mr. Big could start a thread off of it as I believe he’s seen it also by now…

  4. The “Big Lie” idea Goebbels created has been
    perfected and loved by the liars of the Left.
    So what if police are attacked and killed as
    long as they get those votes?

  5. This is how far left the Dem candidates have gone. Even a hometown liberal “newspaper” is calling her out.
    If this keeps up, and by that I mean the candidates trying to out-Marxist each other, then PDJT is a shoe-in. In fact any random name out of the phone book will beat these low IQ useful idiots.

  6. It’s not that the ‘Rats have no platform, it’s that their platform stinks to high heaven and they can’t defend it. Their policies either bankrupt the country or are otherwise untenable. As soon as one scratches the surface or demands details, the ‘Rats scream “White Nationalist!”

  7. Anymouse. Sent to all yesterday

    Colin Flaherty has two books on the subject: “White Girl Bleed a Lot,” and “Don’t make the Black Kids Angry.”

  8. Does anybody think a single black person looks at Warren and thinks she isn’t the type who clutches her purse and dials 9-1 if a black person was walking outside of her home?

    She looks like Miss Ladybitch who complains about the yard apes.

  9. I hope the Boston Herald Editorial helps take this vile, phony, beer swillin’ titless bitch out of the running. Turn it over to gropin, babbling dopey Joe.


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