Boston Officials Pushing Law Requiring Doctors To Ask Patients About Their Firearms

DC: Boston city officials plan on pushing legislation requiring doctors to ask patients whether or not they possess firearms in their homes.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s administration said Wednesday that the step would be taken to help health care providers statewide “play a larger role in addressing gun violence” by identifying red flags or patients at risk of suicide or domestic violence.

“We’re just asking them to help identify ways to save lives,” Boston Police Commissioner William Gross told the Boston Business Journal, adding that the legislation won’t suggest that doctors should solve crimes and that owning guns won’t be included in patients’ medical records.

The Walsh administration also proposed targeting gun violence by instituting fines up to $2,000 on gun owners’ vehicles that are used to transport “illegal weapons.” Similarly, the administration proposed that all Massachusetts police agencies submit ballistic evidence into national databases – something which New Jersey and Delaware already mandate. Both New Jersey and Delaware use the ballistic system NIBIN (National Integrated Ballistics Information Network) which compares guns and shell casings to ID shooters.

Recently corporations have made pushes for gun control by altering internal policies.  MORE

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  1. They already ask in commiefornia. Just say no. This pisses me off like nothing else. Free country? Constitution?

  2. Bring your gun to the doctor’s office. If they ask if you have one, point it at their head. Then tell them if they rat you out, you’ll be back to show them how it’s used.

  3. I believe the correct answer is, “Fuck you very much!” 😀

    And if you REALLY need a doctor, go to New Hampshire. “Live free or die!”

  4. Just F’ them up and tell them about the 50cal you’ve got hidden in your ‘add your own’ words here.
    As long as the Doctors have .380 glocks on board as well,.
    Fair’s fair.

  5. Doctor: Do you have any firearms at your home? Me: What I have at my home is a copy of the Constitution! Me: Do you have a copy at your home? Me: If you do I suggest you read it and if you don’t I suggest you get one and read it!

  6. Yeah sure, ask the gangbangers, thugs, antifa, BLM, losers, abusers, users and illegal immigrant shit heads on their next doctor’s appointment.

  7. No, Mr. Medicine Man Lazlo have no boomstick. Boomstick make-um loud noise and Lazlo have heap big hangover.
    Lazlo prefer Tomahawk for settling conflicts.

  8. Lying to LEO is againsthe law. They will probably deputize the doctors in an attempt to get the information they want.

  9. When I got Medicare one of the questions asked was whether I had firearms at home. I batted my eyelashes and said “why, whatever do you mean?” And that was here in Arizona of all the fricking places !!!!

  10. First “chalked out body lines” I witnessed were in Boston. Long, long time ago. 40 years later and now it seems to be a ‘relevant’ question?

  11. “Sure I do, Doc. In fact, I have one in my pocket right now. I carry it in case I need to defend my rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. Also, in case the govt or its agents fail to obey the Constitution especially the Bill of Rights. Want to see my Ruger 9mm LC9S Pro? It is loaded, has a round in the chamber, is striker fired and therefore cocked, and has no external safety. Here, lemme pull it out and I’ll show it to you…!”

    No, I’d not say those things, but it is amusing to think them. My doc already knows I carry all the time.

  12. I don’t get it. If your arm is severely burned in a fire, shouldn’t the doctor be able to ask you questions about it?


  13. …all the medical offices in Ohio have the Ohio-required “gun free zone” signs forbidding lawful concealed carry.

    …wonder why THAT is…

  14. @Aaron Burr:

    Try… “no, I’m concentrating on my dynamite collection”. It always gets a laugh

    Heh! I like it!

    Or how about, “I’m rebuilding my nitroglycerine lab after the last accident.”

  15. “Lying to LEO is againsthe law.”

    …unless you’re a Democrat, @joe6pak, as we’ve seen time and again.

    …wonder if the Hispanic guy they can’t ask immigration status questions that has all the “13” tattoos and is his next patient at taxpayer expense gets the same question…

  16. …does that give you the right to ask the doctor about what HE’S got at the house in turn?

    …what WOULD you ask your doctor about his private collections, given a chance?

    …and would you still want him for your doctor if you got an honest answer?

  17. Not surprising given the Bostonians had no problem with their homes being searched without a warrant in violation of the 4th amendment during the search to find the Boston marathon bombers.

    Might as well also ask how many pressure cookers they have in their homes.

  18. …doctors are such pussys. When I was a medic, there was more than ONE patient I had to disarm inside the squad because the LEO missed something…

    …and the REAL sucky part was that I had to be CAREFUL how I did it. Not ’cause I was nice, but because anything additional I broke disarming him, I’d have to FIX…

    …and THESE guys are worried about what I might have at HOME?!? SHEESH!

  19. …you know, politicians don’t need to be involved in EVERY professional conversation, and only a Democrat would TRY to be…

  20. Ok ready – just bend over take deep breaths, relax, and remember you’ll only be imagining there is a hand on both shoulders.

  21. A couple of years ago I went to a orthopaedic surgeon for a broken bone, four of the questions on the paperwork were:
    1 Do you wear a seat belt when in a vehicle?
    A. Injury not caused by car wreck
    2 Do you wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle?
    A. Injury not caused by motorcycle wreck
    3 Are you sexually active?
    A. Injury not due to rough sex
    4 Do you own any firearms?
    A. Injury not caused by gunshot wound
    No problems or further questions.

  22. When your doctor asks you about guns the proper response is to ask the doctor to provide evidence of his training, competence and liability insurance to cover the act of counseling patients about the subject. Remind said physician that he is JUST as legally liable for the advice he hands out regarding firearms as he is for advice given related to
    medications and other issues. When most physicians realize they can be
    sued for negligence and malpractice for giving out PROFESSIONAL ADVICE that they are not qualified to dispense they will quickly decide it’s NOT WORTH THE FINANCIAL RISK.

  23. Doctor: Do you have firearms in your house?
    Me: Do you have child porn in your house?
    Doctor: That’s a damn impertinent question!
    Me: Yep, your question was certainly damn impertinent.

  24. The best answer is to just refuse to answer.

    “I don’t consider that to be appropriate information for my medical file. What’s your next question”

  25. In the “live free or die” state of NH They like to ask you if you wear your seatbelt and if you feel safe at home.

    Both questions that are none of their goddamn business get a variety of answers from me depending on how I feel at the moment they are asked of me but more often than not they get a none of your goddamn business.

    The only thing that has changed in the last 3 years since they started doing this crap is that now the nurses are FORCED to ask these stupid questions because the doctors are afraid of the backlash from the answers as well as future lawsuits, loss of patients, and bad word of mouth having a negative impact on their profits.

  26. Went to a Dermatologist and one of the forms asked if I owned any firearms, I answered with, in all caps “none of your fucking business and go fuck yourself”. Never heard anymore. Didn’t go back to them after that.

  27. Any answer other than “No” will red-flag you.
    But you all know this.

    In the USSR and China if you didn’t actively (fervidly, in fact) promote communism you were “insane.” And the doctors backed up the gov’t in their assessments.
    Enlisting MDs and Lawyers to National and Inter-National Socialist measures is easy and widespread – willing executioners, so to speak.

    Don’t take their complicity lightly.

    izlamo delenda est …

  28. As Dan described, this question is a clear “boundary violation” and should be answered with “Should I call my lawyer or the medical board first?”

    Then crucify them on social media, patient satisfaction surveys and get an appointment with their institution’s medical director.

  29. …with apologies to Bad Brad, write “I lost them in a boating accident”. It’s a cliche, yes, but giving a stupid answer to a stupid question is kind of the POINT…

  30. I’ve been asked if there are firearms in my house at doctors’ offices. I tell I refuse to answer.
    Then the nurse spends ten minutes trying to enter that into the form because there are only yes and no on the form.
    Too bad, so sad. It’s nunya business.


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