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Boston PD’s First Muslim Captain Put on Administrative Leave

Jihad Watch: The Minneapolis police are still reeling from the fallout after Mohamed Noor, the first Muslim Somali police officer on the force, shot and killed a woman who had called the police to report a possible rape.

Now the Boston cops appear to be dealing with their own ‘first’ fallout.

The first Muslim promoted to the rank of captain in the Boston Police Department was placed on administrative leave Monday — and the department is not explaining why.

Captain Haseeb Hosein has been the commander of the Area B-3 station that covers Mattapan and parts of Dorchester since 2014. … Hosein was promoted by former commissioner William B. Evans.

“This promotion speaks to the promise both Mayor Walsh and Commissioner Evans made to diversify the BPD’s Command Staff . . . We wish Haseeb . . . nothing but the best of success in his new position!”

It’s always about the diversity. Never about the competence.  more here

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  1. Hm.



    Incompetent cops.


    If only there were some common factor here…

    Nah. Must be coincidence.

  2. What do you expect from 3rd world
    73rd generation INBREED muzzie savages…

  3. “The Globe reported in February that Hosein was the city’s highest paid employee, earning $366,232 in 2018. That total included $106,980 in detail pay, $62,696 in overtime pay, and regular pay of $146,893.”

    Now that’s a lot of goats….hmmmm…

  4. Too bad Boston has turned into the poster child for everything that screams I HATE AMERICA AND ALL LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS…. and ESPECIALLY WHITE MEN!!!!!

    All their influxes of illegal immigrants has polluted every state that borders that anti-american stronghold of demoncrat diversity and some day there will be a comeuppance for the ones that made all this happen and when it finally does it will make the first american civil war look like a Sunday school gathering in comparison.

  5. Leftheads not only want to import muslims, they also want to put them in charge of governing this country.

    They want a queer president and a muslim vice president.

    I mean ones that are open about it. Not like obama who is a secret queer muslim.

  6. He was promoted because he is a Muslim, not because he is qualified.

    It’s a PC sort of thing now to push Muslims into positions of power without consideration of anything more than that they are Muslim as a qualification.

  7. Mattapan is an dump with the usual “urban” issues. Guess the diversity Captain couldn’t motivate the other diversity cops to reign in and control all the diversity. Behold…

    “The overall crime rate in Mattapan is 27% higher than the national average. For every 100,000 people, there are 9.56 daily crimes that occur in Mattapan. Mattapan is safer than 24% of the cities in the Massachusetts. In Mattapan you have a 1 in 29 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.”

  8. Why is it that whenever muslims blow a gaping hole in a city, it’s always filled in with muslim mayors and police chiefs?

  9. “We wish Haseeb . . . nothing but the best of success in his new position!”

    Of administrative ‘step ‘n’ fetch it’ – behind a desk – apparently. 😳

  10. Maybe he hired 2 muscular African brothers to wear MAGA hats and beat the heck out of him.
    Or he beheaded his wife and daughter.
    You choose…..

  11. Massholes repeatedly sent Ted Kennedy back to the senate after he allowed Mary Jo Koepeche to suffocate in his car while he walked past a fire station.

    The (D)irtbags really do get the govt they deserve, it’s just too bad about normals in the area.


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