Boston to disband the SWAT team that captured Marathon bomber


BOSTON, MA – Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis talked with Fox & Friends on Tuesday about the decision to disband Boston’s SWAT team.

This is the same team that was responsible for the capture of the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in 2013.

“The thing I worry about is the special expertise that these officers have in the SWAT team.”

Without the team, that expertise is gone also, such as how to enter subway cars for maximum effect and safety.

The reasons?  The team hasn’t been used in several years and it is expensive to maintain. Given diminishing resources that could be used on more urgent needs, it makes sense in the context of an analysis of the history of the department.  more

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  1. The inmates are running the asylum – literally.
    This is dark comedy – literally.

    Time to end it.

  2. I am sick beyond sick of what has happened to this country in the last few months. If the U.S. goes, what is left?

  3. Bank robbery is going to be a great new career for our kids. They’ll be able to set us old folks up in new homes and pay our bills with ease.

  4. This is the same team that was responsible for the capture of the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in 2013.

    OK, I’ll go against the grain here. This is good news. When they went after the Tsarnaev monsters, that SWAT team quickly turned into an ugly out-of-control over-the-top thug mob stomping all over the law, constitutional rights, and the proper relationship between govt and citizens. From what I’ve read there was never any effort to keep the same thing from happening again in an “emergency”.

  5. Hey they’re gonna let that Prick they caught loose. So maybe they could apprehend the little MFer again with a different result.

  6. the commies are hell bent to destroy every city they are in charge of … do not care about how many ‘constituents’ are hurt, maimed or killed … don’t care how many people are dispossessed, homeless, driven to poverty, or move away.

    the closer to election, the harder they’re gonna push … they are so close, they can feel it, they can taste it

    buckle up your chinstraps, gonna be a bumpy ride
    … stand & fight for your freedom, or kneel & become a slave

  7. ….Can’t help but think the commies have infiltrated this country….indeed…the very minds of democrats everywhere.

  8. I’m with you Uncle Al. I remember seeing govt. agents threatening to kill people if they didn’t want them to search their house. Of course there were no warrants – just the extremely remote possibility that a terrorist might be hiding in your house was enough justification for these agents to blatantly violate constitutional rights of everyone and search anything they wanted to. I’m pleasantly surprised that they haven’t been used for enforcing social distancing or mask rules the same way they did when looking for the Tsarnaevs.

  9. How much was spent apprehending, convicting and housing the remaining Tsarnov brother? Well, I just read news a few days ago that his death sentence (which was handed down FIVE years ago) has been vacated on appeal.

    How long before they release him over Covid concerns?

  10. Reply to Worker re bank robbing: You know they are also working on ridding us of cash. Of all the horrors, I can see THAT one taking place easily and soon. Retail hates cash, banks hate cash, and the goob hates cash. How are we plebes going to fight all that? We are not.

  11. The seal team didn’t catch the final brother. After the lockdown was over and people could finally leave their homes a homeowner went to check out his backyard and noticed a few tie-down straps were loosed on his boat cover. He immediately suspected someone was hiding in the boat so he called the police. The magical swat team who caused more terror throughout the city by leading people out of their homes at gunpoint with their hands over their heads like they were criminals found NOTHING!

  12. Seriously? The SWAT did nothing until a guy out smoking a cigarette noticed something fishy with his boat in the back yard. Until then, they were just running around terrorizing the citizens even more.

  13. The state police STOP team is available, the tax payer has already paid for them; why should they pay again to re-invent the wheel?

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