Both CNN and MSNBC Making Overtures to Hire Jen Psaki – IOTW Report

Both CNN and MSNBC Making Overtures to Hire Jen Psaki

Washington Examiner

Jen Psaki is a top contender to replace Rachel Maddow at MSNBC as other networks court President Joe Biden’s press secretary, according to a report.

Executives at CNN and MSNBC both reportedly traveled to Washington, D.C., in early February. CNN interim co-president Amy Entelis and CNN+ programming lead Rebecca Kutler made the trip to the capital to recruit Psaki. More

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  1. CNN and MSNBC are both trying to get her back in the game. The job offers are reportedly set to happen soon. That’s why this is important because it could be one of the first signs that these organizations may move away from covering Trump and focus more on news stories like terrorism and other current events. -> io games, -> wordle website

  2. Either one would be a good fit.

    Both are Fake News and she’s a Fake Person.

    But I’m sure it’ll be lucrative for her … it.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Sad-Sak is just as fake and phony as the rest of the CNN-CCP operatives. Only (comical) difference between she and they is that she looks like for all the world similar to Howdy-Doody while the remaining who haven’t been fired for sekual assaults such as Fredo Chris YET are laughably incompetent and gross. pity.

  4. They better not give the bitch MY job! I’ll QUIT if they do! NO, WAIT! I’M NOT QUITTING! YOU MUST LOVE ME! IHAVEACONTRACT!@# SCREETTTTREEEEEEERRTT@#%&*(&$_/÷×/&^%$%$!!!!

  5. When your business model is propaganda, gaslighting and lying, obviously you’d tap the source with the depth of skill set to attain your objective.
    The flowchart exists of top level obama-ites and their spouses in the revolving door between govt and media.

  6. I hope they replace Psaki with someone just like her. It will be easy to replace her, there’s plenty of nutso people like Psaki who can fill her shoes and not miss a beat. I might circle back to this thread again…. 🙂


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