Botox Addict Pelosi: National Face Mask Mandate Is ‘Long Overdue’

WFB: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) on Sunday said a national mandate that requires everyone to wear a face mask is “long overdue.”

“My understanding, that the Centers for Disease Control has recommended the use of masks but not required it because they don’t want to offend the president,” Pelosi said on ABC’s This Week. “Their president should be [an] example. You know, real men wear masks. Be an example to the country and wear the mask. It’s not about protecting yourself, it’s about protecting others.” more

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  1. 90% wear a face mask in public per their poll showing exactly how polls are complete BS used to shape public opinion. Even with their newly enacted mandatory mask policy here in TX I was out yesterday and saw many people with a mask around their neck, not on their face. Or with their nose out etc. I will never believe 90% of people want to wear these asinine masks and if they did why do we need to make it mandatory?! Please Nancy go ahead with that law everyone wants.

  2. Why stop there?

    The only true way to keep the virus from spreading is to put a thick plastic bag over her head as snug as possible.

    Go to sleep, crazy lady.

  3. Will wearing a paper grocery bag over your head with holes for eyes be good enough to placate the left or not. You would have to breathe thru the bottom of the bag so no holes for your mouth would be cut out. I feel like I’m going to hyperventilate every time I have to forcefully wear a mask anyway.

  4. A mask has never touched this angelic face. I’m in Jacksonville and effective today at 5pm Mayor Limp Wrist has deemed masks mandatory in all public places. Fuck that. This is an un-serious city in an un-serious country.

  5. Earth to Nancy – The three things you need to know.

    Trump doesn’t need lecture’s from a whackado.

    We the people don’t need you ragging on us to wear a friggin mask.

    And thirdly, stick your masks where the 🌞 sun don’t shine. 😁

  6. If you suggest that people don’t wear masks, Nancy will recommend a suspension of First Amendment rights until everyone submits to the New Government Order.

  7. A politically left leaning condition…
    Shut down a great economy unecessairly,
    Goes dormant,
    Arrempts to reopen the economy causes a massive flare up,
    We are being lied to on a massive scale, fire Bozoses Fauci and Birx immediately!

  8. One other slight problem, there is nothing in the Foundation Documents giving the Feds the power to order face masks to be worn.

  9. I was at a store yesterday, unmasked, and a young lady who assisted me was wearing a useless cloth mask that she proceeded to touch every 10 seconds to pull it back over her nose. She did this while she went back and forth taking products from the cabinet and showing them to me.

    Her mask, that is allegedly supposed to be protecting me, I can only assume is full of the Corona. I had to subsequently assume that every single product she was showing me was also full of the Corona.

    For my protection, huh? That mask caused her Corona to spread far and wide.

  10. One other slight problem, there is nothing in the Foundation Documents giving the Feds the powerto order face masks for anybody.

  11. I had a talk with an acquaintance who wears a mask and is miffed because I won’t. I reasoned with him using his logic. He agreed that his mask keeps his germs inside his mask. So I asked how my germs could possibly get past his mask from the outside. He said “I don’t know”. The mask-zealots don’t question what the govt tells them…that their masks “protect others”. They’re not interested in the fact that their masks do little to protect them or anyone else. Good hygiene goes much further.

  12. they are doing this precisely because they know conservatives do not want to wear one. that is the ONLY reason.

    would someone in wash dc get some gonads and just tell them to fuck off?

  13. She should take it a step further and cover her face with a flour sack with two eyeholes cut out.

  14. I think she must have brought her surgeon a picture of Leatherface {Texas Chainsaw Massacre} and said: make me look like that!

  15. My advice, wash your hands regularly, turn off your T.V. disconnect from any MSM.
    You’ll feel fine in the morning.

  16. I’ve thought that Nancy was in need of a mask for a couple decades now. Will work like a bra for her if all those stitches ever let go.

  17. These are the same sheople that would jump off a cliff if the almighty and most powerful CDC told them to.

  18. Maybe a picture or a silhouette of a lemming jumping off of a cliff would be appropriate on the front of face masks. Like my mom used to say about stupidity, “Are you dumb enough to jump off of a cliff just because all your friends are doing it?”

  19. If there is anyone who is a witch, it is nancy pelosi.

    And if there is any witch who should be burned at the stake, it is nancy pelosi.

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