Boy, age nine, ruins Supreme Court prospects

American Thinker: Admit it.  You knew that this was bound to happen.

Teresa Sue Klein of Flatbush, Brooklyn was in a convenience store when a mother and her two children went in and went past her.

Klein then got highly upset, claiming that the nine-year-old boy had sexually assaulted her by grabbing her posterior.  She immediately made a scene and called 911 for the police, demanding that the little boy be arrested for sexually assaulting her.  They all went outside the store, where bystanders got verbally involved, with Klein defiant.  Multiple cell phone videos show the little boy and his younger sister wailing at the top of their lungs, obviously scared.  The store videos show that the boy went past Klein with both hands in plain view, but his oversized backpack may have brushed against her.  Fortunately, no arrests were made. Keep reading.

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  1. Like I said before, I’ve done so much bad stuff when I was young that the only job I’m qualified for is demon rat senator

  2. Can you imagine the poor policeman who had to deal with this idiotic woman. It would have been justifiable if the officer just pull out his gun and shot the worthless bitch.
    I Expect more of these looney tunes to slither out of the woodwork. Maybe we should all start wearing body cams.

  3. Cheer up, kid. It’s not you, it’s her. Sometimes white women be like that. Hell, they call 911 on whales, too.

  4. This fellow comes home from church sporting a lovely black eye. His
    bed ridden wife who, due to her illness was unable to accompany her
    husband to church, says to her beloved “How did you get the black eye
    honey, you must have done something terribly wrong to get a black eye
    in church !” The husband answers “Not really, honey, what happened
    was this : As we all stood up to sing a hymn, I noticed that the lady
    standing in front of me was wearing a lovely silk dress that, as she
    stood up, had become wedged in her behind. It looked very
    unconfortable, not to mention funny so to save her any embarrasment I
    reached out and pulled it out from between her cheeks. I have no idea
    what she must have thought I was doing ’cause she turned around and
    punched me in the eye”. After having a quiet chukle over her husband’s
    faux pas the lady admonished him for being so indelicate and let the
    matter rest.

    The following Sunday, the lady, still at home sick , the husband
    returned from church, once again sporting a lovely black eye. Upon
    being asked what had occured, the following explanation was given:
    “Once again we stood up to sing hymns when the same lady, wearing the
    same dress stood up and once again with her dress unashamedly wedged
    tightly in her bum. This idiotic fellow who was standing right next to
    me, reached out and did just what I did the previous week and pulled
    the dress free from its unusual position. From last week’s unfortunate
    episode I knew the lady did not like the dress pulled out so I tucked
    it back in !”

  5. Beauty may only be skin deep but being an evil, moronic clown goes clear to the bone.

    The poor, misguided, hyperbolic, evil, moronic clown should be charged with filing a false police report and abusing 911.
    And be forced to pay for all the pain, suffering, and hooplah – as well as the cops’ and 911 auxiliaries’ salaries (and benefits) for the time wasted.
    That might discourage further abuses.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. That might be the luckiest Corner Store Caroline will ever get, in terms of being touched – only by accident – and capitalizing on attention-whoring.

  7. Whaddaya mean, “FORTUNATELY, no arrests were made”? The most fortunate thing that could have happened would be for that harpy to get cuffed and stuffed for putting those kids through hell.

  8. sue the bitch for everything she has
    she has traumatized this little 9yr old boy

    these feminazis are dangerous and should reap the consequences that they impose on people


  9. You wish a melanin enriched male had grabbed your ass, lady .. no matter his age.

    Now move along. Go home and change the cat litter


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