Boy Scouts Considers Bankruptcy Amid Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Everything the left touches turns to crap.


Boy Scouts of America may be taking a similar approach as USA Gymnastics to mounting legal fees related to sex abuse lawsuits. According to the Wall Street Journal, the over a century-old nonprofit is considering filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Along with the financially crippling lawsuits, the organization is suffering from dwindling membership, now at around 2.3 million. The nonprofit has attempted to reverse the trend by opening up its programs to girls, including girls who identify as boys, a decision that has resulted in an increasingly ugly public feud between the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, which likewise faces dwindling numbers.

The organization has also agreed in recent years to allow gay men and lesbians to serve in leadership roles, which in part prompted the Mormon Church to announce in 2017 that it was withdrawing from the organization’s programs for older boys.


23 Comments on Boy Scouts Considers Bankruptcy Amid Sex Abuse Lawsuits

  1. Should be the perfect example of the poison of left wing ideology and the deceptive nature of gay faggotry. It’s aimed at ruining every thing decent and clean by pulling us all down into sodomy.

    Gender is, and always will be binary. God made us male and female and those who attempt to redefine will face HIS WRATH, if not here on earth, then face to face, at the End of Days.

  2. This is always the Left’s virus game plan, from the start.
    Infiltrate, use Lawfare to coerce policy changes, liquidate assets, drive away membership, then Bankruptcy. Afterwards either discard the ruined shell or re-brand it as a new hard-Left entity.

    The Left has done the same with a series of church denominations and other nonprofits. The process unfortunately works.

    One solution is more and better Lawfare.
    Another would involve lamp posts.

  3. If only there was a common denominator between this and Catholic priest molestations…like, some obvious factor serving as a near certain predictor of abuse.

    Alas, it’s not only impossible to say but morally wrong to even think such things.

  4. I wonder the time frame from embracing homos and the tons of sexual assault cases.

    I just read some Scout groups have thrown God out of the Scout Pledge.

    Well, ain’t we havin’ a good time now!

  5. Rufus T has it exactly right. The Left’s mission is to destroy every bastion of American tradition and goodness. The church, the family, the home, and all those wholesome pursuits that used to support home, family and our Christian God — Girl Scouts (teaching out of PP and other Leftist tracts), Boy Scouts (allowing homosexual leadership who prey on young men), the NFL, you name it, the Left is pressing on to destroy it all.

  6. “Everything the left touches turns to crap.” -BFH

    Everything the Federal Government touches turns to crap.

    Therefore, let the Fed’s bail-out the Boy Scouts to complete the crap in the USSA.

  7. First the attorneys sue to get homosexuals into leadership, then later the attorneys sue on behalf of sexual abuse victims. It’s almost like a racket, or something.

  8. Why do they rob the bank? Because that’s where the money is.

    The Boy Scouts turned into to NAMBLA so fast that it was more like a run on a bank than a robbery. The bank at least pretends to protect your money. Fear of lawsuits from the homo community caused them to turn the keys of their organization to a bunch of pedo-predators.

    What parent in their right mind would turn their son over to this group?

    Sports Illustrated and Playboy started turning away from nudity and swimsuits and the Boy Scouts sought to fill the gap.

  9. There’s a lesson there for us all.
    When backed to the point that you could either cave to the lefties or fight, choose to fight.

  10. GOOD! 😡

    After 37 years of youth, volunteer and even professional service (I worked for two different BSA Councils), my sons & I (50 years, combined with them!) were voted OUT of Scouting on May, 23, 2013, for REMAINING, morally STRAIGHT! 😡

    The queerbo’s can have ’em – they DESERVE each other. 😡

  11. So, how are the LDS (Mormoms) going to handle this? Will they go it alone? Or will they form a Conference with other churches to form a MORAL young boys organization?

  12. Re: the LDS they should form “The Swanson’s.” Like the scouts, but manly.

    –The Pawnee Rangers become jealous of the Pawnee Goddesses, who appear to be having a lot more fun on the trip, as they have puppies, pillow fights, and candy, while the Rangers are tasked with building a shelter and only supplied with beans. Leslie is glad her efforts to make the boys jealous worked, but the Goddesses, after a public forum, decide to let the Rangers join them if they want. Every Ranger – including Andy – defect to the Goddesses, making Leslie feel sorry when she spots Ron sitting at a campfire all alone. She apologizes for being so competitive, and Ron laments that children no longer want to learn tough survival skills, admitting Leslie has the better group. To make Ron feel better, Leslie takes out an ad in the paper for a new group of self-reliant survivalists called “The Swansons”, and Ron is surprised to find a group of eager children in his office ready to join.


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