Boy Scouts Will Start Letting Girls In

But the Girl Scouts are complaining.


Wednesday, the board of directors of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) voted unanimously to allow girls into the Boy Scouts at every level. Girls will now be able to join Cub Scouts or earn their way through the rankings to eventually achieve the highest honor the organization offers, the Eagle Scout badge.

“We strive to bring what our organization does best — developing character and leadership for young people — to as many families and youth as possible as we help shape the next generation of leaders,” Michael Surbaugh, the Chief Scout Executive said in a statement.

The BSA also claims the change is aimed at helping busy families “consolidate programs” for their children.


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  1. This is what America has become. A sad reflection to what it once was.
    As a former scout, I am mad, outraged, and ashamed.

  2. I disagree F4U – I think Boy Scouts is the preeminent youth development organization in the US, despite understandable social complaints. Granted, most of my view is from my troop alone, and we generally don’t engage with other troops outside of summer camp. But the oath and law, the structure of scouting as Baden-Powell designed it, and the program itself are solid. It is certainly up to each troop to properly implement the program. I have been active with the troop in which I earned Eagle for more than 25 years now, and think very highly of the program in general and my troop in particular.
    Many, many sisters have wished they could join. While I think that the programs should remain separate until at least age 14 (which is the starting age for the coed Venture Scouts) I think it is a great to offer the same opportunity to girls that boys have had for a century.

  3. One of the major differences is that Eagle Scout program got lots of press, whereas Senior Scout program got zero press coverage.

  4. LCD- Your point is well taken, but I still believe that boys and girls should have the opportunity to be segregated. As organdgrinder says above, what are the GS for?
    Your troop is obviously a model troop, but not all troops follow in the same footsteps. Once the national leadership folds to current trends, then so does the local leadership eventually.

  5. I do agree on segregation F4U – as I said I think 14 and up is arguably ok, but although moms are welcome on our weekend campouts (no siblings though, and no parent interaction with the boys), our weeklong high adventure trips are male-only.

  6. Yeah, but it’s unavoidable anyhow. 🙂
    We do it with the church kids all the time, no problems. Of course sleeping is always separate quarters.

  7. The Girls Scouts went all SJW and Planned Parenthoody. Girls now join the Boy Scouts. Soon SJW Girls Scouts merge with Boy Scouts to become SJW Scouting.

    You all just thought gays wanted to be married but it morphed into transgendered males entering women bathrooms and winning at women’s sports.

    Yup, slippery slope time. Glad I pulled my youngster out during the whole gay thing.

  8. If they want to keep girls out to a certain age, put in a requirement for upper arm strength, or lower arm strength. or both!

  9. LCD, I concur in part but I dissent in part. More has been written since I wrote this. I think your troop is wise to keep the week long trips male only but this new ruling from the BSA will make it for most troops to have the week long plus mixed gender. What I wrote follows:

    All you said is true and valid. But what will the BSA do with regards to the merit badges that are so demanding not all capable scouts can pass them and therefore not all scouts become Eagle Scouts? To be clear- there will be girls who can do it whatever is required; but there will be girls who can’t but unlike their male counter parts will they cry that the standard is ‘too hard’ and when that happens will the standard is lowered to accommodate them? Answer- How can it not be? As the standards drop so will the meaning of what it means to be an Eagle.

    Then there is the fact that the camping merit badge comes into play. I remember very clearly what it was like to be a 14 year old scout and someone thinks it a good idea to add 14 year old females into that mix for a week or two in the summer and one weekend a month the rest of the year? Speaking as a father of 2 daughters and being a very outspoken advocate that there is no program that comes close to being an Eagle Scout I’m saying loud and clear- this is not a good idea. (Assuming you actual hold to the Scout making an oath to remain “morally straight”). I would love for my daughters to become Eagles but there is no way I would allow them to be in a mixed gender troop.

    I suppose, on the upside, when boys realize they can be spending one night a week, one overnight weekend a month and one to two weeks back to back a summer trying to get some hot chick that signed up for the BSA on her back will get a boost in registration. I think Lord Baden Powell would rather shut the whole thing down rather than see is dream turned into such a wretched excuse of a meat market but I confess it is only a guess.

    One last observation. The BSA was a place that was supposed to be asexual. As in a place where teenage boys could go and learn from adult male role models how to deal with their raging hormones and evolve into young men who have learned to master themselves. Now that females will be in the troop there will be, of course, female scout masters. The whole system can’t help but becoming sexualized. In some cases hyper sexualized. There are women in this world who are, well, I think there is an acronym that goes along the lines of MLF and could you tell such a woman they are “too hot” to be a Scoutmaster? With female scouts in the troop could you tell a handsome man that they are “too hot” to be a scoutmaster? Think I’m over reacting? Just look at the news headlines of teachers who have imploded in such a way that makes national news; how many of those teachers took their students camping for 2 weeks? The BSA have had enough problems already with just keeping the whole outfit same gendered and now we are going to have mixed genders frolicking in the wilderness for a weekend or for weeks at a time- again, this is not going to end well. And end it will; because not enough charter organizations are going to sign up for that kind of liability.

  10. My son is a Webelos-1 this year. There have been girls, sisters of the boys in the pack, attending every meeting, going on the camping trips, and doing all the activities the boys are doing.

    Opening the Scouts to girls happened years ago, this is just letting them actually join the pack and earn badges.

    Yeah, when we enter the teen years, there are certain steps that will have to be taken to avoid problems. So fucking what?

    Besides, I’ve seen what the Girl Scouts have turned into – SJW training camps. If I had a daughter, I’d much rather have her in the boy scouts.

    Now we just need to make sure that SJW crap doesn’t infect the boy scouts. And if it does, so what? Those of us who don’t want that shit will either protect their own Troops/Packs, or go form their own organization.

    The BSA has only been around, what, 100 years or so, ballpark? We can make a new one.

  11. PHUCK, I hate liberalism.
    Will there be a ‘transgender scouts of America’ where it doesn’t matter if you pee standing up or sitting down??

  12. Yeah, the girl scouts have an easy sell with the cookies; it would be good for them to see what a bitch it is to sell overpriced popcorn.

  13. “Gays can be scout leaders? What’s next GIRLS will be allowed in?!”

    —unstable “bigot” 2010.

  14. They’ll be merged into one giant group and then 20 years down the line, they’ll start separating again. Kinda like the Dem party. Socialists, black nationalists and ‘old white men’ are now splitting it up.

  15. As an Eagle Scout, former adult leader and FORMER contributor, my message to the BSA, go $hit in your hats. Progressive a-holes…

  16. Soooooo … the Boy Scouts are gonna allow fags and hens?

    What’s the point, really?

    Just shut the doors, turn out the lights, and go home.
    They no longer have any reason to exist.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. I can’t wait to see the new merit badges they come up with. I was going to ask my brother what he thought (he is an Eagle and so is my husband) but I was afraid because he still hasn’t gotten over The Citadel becoming co-ed! As a woman, I think Boy Scouts are the best thing for young MEN. Of course, I am for schools being segregated by gender so boys can be taught better instead of being on ADD drugs.

  18. And of course all of the girls will immediately start whining about needing special concessions to allow for them being girls. They’ll even expect the guys to set up and take down the tents for them on camp outs. Screw it, the BSA went pussy a long time ago.

  19. I’m 46 years old. Back in the day my brother was a Boy Scout and I was a tomboy miserably crammed into Girl Scouts.

    Simply put, I wanted to be a Boy Scout because the Girl Scouts SUCKED and those daffy bints made me wear some fucked up half-dress thingy. Boy Scouts did far cooler stuff. I just figured out how to do same cooler stuff on my own than with my scout troop.

    Oh, and Girl Scout cookies suck hind teat these days… Keebler has their own versions which are better and more reasonably priced.

    Rant over….yes, I feel better lol

  20. Teach them all to build fallout shelters, how to larder, survive a nuclear winter, cataracts, stillborn babies, rape gangs, communist interrogators, and acute radiation sickness, how to shoot and maintain an AK and AR, build improvised shelters, eat bugs, fish, hunt, remove contaminated topsoil for planting, find water and avoid disease. Teach them to comfort the sick and dying. Teach them how to bury the dead. Teach them to kill communists and tyrants. That’s the basic merit badges.

    Eagle Survivors should be taught how to rebuild America with the Constitution, how to smelt iron, then alloys and construct tooling, building trades, architecture, printing, gun and gunpowder production.

    I grew up in the Cold War. I was a Boy Scout. I knew it was bullshit when I was nine years old. Anything that isn’t survival, anti communism or character development is a bullshit waste of time.

  21. Two final things I’d like to add about Scouting.

    First, in the 90’s one of our Eagles was admitted to USNA. His dad was a doctor and had spent time in the Navy, and knew the head of the Academy. He said that of all the background aspects of the kids who applied to the Academy – sports, school leadership, grades, etc. the one thing that indicated a high likelihood of success there was if he was an Eagle Scout. I know that my troop’s Eagles are a cut above, we make it hard to earn – but on average any Eagle Scout has a higher likelihood of success. I know a couple of other Eagles who went to AF Academy and enjoyed the survival training rather than suffered through it.

    Second, one of those who went to AF Academy was my cousin, who went a few years ago. His grandfather wrote him letters about his boyhood, in Hungary, from 1944-1945 when the Germans put him into forced labor and murdered his parents, and then when the Soviets came and weren’t much better. He credits his scout training with literally saving his life.
    If you would like to read his story I have the link below. He was the most optimistic person I ever knew, but although we visited the Museum of Tolerance together a decade ago when they were in town he never spoke about his experiences. He finally related the story to his daughter and grandson, finishing a year ago just before passing away.

  22. As a 7 year old Cub Scout I remember the oath (which will be much easier to complete going forward it appears) –

    I am on my honor to do my best to help the girl scouts get undressed.

    Boys are different than girls.
    It was a good idea to have separate organizations for them.

  23. the girl scouts are seriously pissed about this….this is nothing short of stealing little girls and their parents money to fill the loss of little boys’ interest in being boy scouts……SA

    since the BSA says they are no longer the Boy Scouts of America, but just the BSA….i’m wondering what the BSA stands for……certainly not what they USED TO stand for…..

    someone somewhere needs to come up with a real wholesome American replacement for these sellouts……as soon as possible…….thx

  24. Yeah, regardless of anything the ideals of scouting are fantastic. I certainly do appreciate that there are attempts to change everything about them though. Our troop is in Santa Monica, CA, heart of liberalism, and it has been a constant battle to maintain our standards. But when one of our boys earns Eagle he knows he has earned it.

  25. Active Scouter for 17 years (ASM and Committee Chair for eight years, Wood Badger, and Distinguished Scouter recipient). Father of four sons, two of whom are Eagle Scouts and two are Life Scouts actively working on Eagle. I LOVE the program, but hate the “professional” scouters in Irving, TX. Girls deserve a first rate quality program like Boys Scouts offers and Girl Scouts has failed to deliver – for a long time. But this is still a bad idea – and for MANY reasons.

    BSA states they chose this option because millennial families with no scouting background (90% of their target audience) don’t know about scouts and want a program Timmy and Sally can do together. When has an organization kowtowed to people outside the group who nothing about the organization to get them onboard? Is the Klan going to solicit black members now?

    BSA states single parent household have a hard time getting kids to separate events and they necessarily pick and choose where to spend their time (and MONEY). True, but with four sons on four different soccer teams in two separate leagues, plus both the Pack and the Troop with weekend events for ALL, I don’t want to hear excuses for lazy parenting. I live in a military rich area, we purposely set up events to help moms of deployed dads (and vice versa) get PWD cars made and camp gear ready. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    BSA stated they did extensive research and study on this – town hall meetings and 2 Harris polls. I went my council’s town hall and took the poll (which you could only take if you went to the last minute and deceivingly named town halls by the way – “Making Scouting Available to Families”). Show us the raw results. The fact that they conveniently announced this on the International Day of the Girl proves the fix was in last year when the notion fist came up. It never mattered what scouters wanted, it mattered what Surbaugh wanted and how much money this could potentially bring in on his watch.

    Lastly, BSA states the rest of world has co-ed scouting. For the most part this is true. But, it’s FAILING WORSE all over the world than it is here. We have the 2nd largest scout population in the world (only Indonesia beast us) and make up 10% of ALL scouts. Boy Scouts and Girl Guides combined in the UK in the 90s (because membership was dying). Membership grew at first (simple math of joining the groups) then plummeted. Only in the past couple years has it made any sort of resurgence (1-2%). Having Bear Grylls as your exec can’t hurt either.

    Applying a known failure to our program is foolish and the y way they presented it was disingenuous. You want more members, get your “professional” scouter asses out there and recruit more BOYS.


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