Brace yourselves, more ESPN lay-offs are coming

Some employees have begun refreshing their resumes.


Thanksgiving week is here, and many inside ESPN are giving special thanks for jobs they hope will last past the holidays.

In the next few weeks, the Worldwide Leader is expected to undergo another round of massive layoffs — Sporting News cites 40-60 layoffs coming, with Sports Illustrated reporting the number will exceed 100 — and the next wave of who’s-next worry has many scanning their options.

According to a Monday Sporting News report, which cited a source at a rival network, some ESPN staffers already are sending out “just-in-case” résumés to competitors such as FS1, NBCSN and Turner Sports.

“The narrative from many long-timers still there is: ‘I know my day is coming. It’s not if. It’s when,’” another source told the site.  read more

13 Comments on Brace yourselves, more ESPN lay-offs are coming

  1. “The wind at the top of the mountain always blows hard” or something like that said Van Pelt something….

  2. You have a wife, 3 kids, a car and house payment.

    How many fingernails can you bite off wondering if the dumbass network who thinks it’s a good idea to irritate subscribers, is going to leave you without a paycheck?

    Shoulda bailed before you were even considered for the chopping block.

  3. Damn that National Felon League, I lost my job because of you taking a knee. Well “F” you because you felons are going back to the ghetto!

  4. ESPN’s Scott van Pelt to former ESPN viewers: “You’re so dumb that I can’t even pray for you because you’re beyond hope.”
    Who’s the dumbass now, Scotty boy?
    Screw you.

  5. Actions have consequences.

    Hitching your wagon to losers like the disloyal whining NFL will cost you dearly. Sorry, bye bye!

  6. Not one of them will ever figure out why they lost their jobs. They’re so sure they’re right they’ll take their losing ways with them to the next gig. Sure hope McDonalds doesn’t hire any of them.

  7. They went to work for a network that values PC above their core business, SPORTS, and they expect me to care? Fuck ’em and fuck ESPN ABC DISNEY


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