Brad Pitt’s “Make It Right Foundation” Sued By Contractor


Created by actor Brad Pitt to help in the reconstruction of New Orlean’s 9th Ward after hurricane Katrina, The Make It Right Foundation is now being sued by its contractor in Montana for the final installment of a $430,000 contract to build 20 homes for members of the Sioux and Assinibone tribes in Fort Peck, Montana.

It seems the dwellings were eventually completed, but the firm contracted to design and build the modular homes was shorted as the foundation itself fell into disarray.


They’re suppose to be “affordable” “for people in need”. The ones in  Montana  averaged out at $283,000 a piece, in a region where a house normally goes for $50,000.  Occupants can only afford to rent or purchase them with subsidized loans.

Would you pay $283,000 for one of these beauties?  Here


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  1. Pretty celebrities cannot be judged by the effects of what they do, only by their saintly motivation for doing it, you jerk.

  2. I gotta say I’m no Brad Pitt fan but something smells here. Median home price is $50,000. on the Res and somebody designs up a bunch of $280,000. homes?

  3. Keep reading, Bad_Brad:

    subsidized loans.

    That’s how anything affordable becomes no longer affordable.

  4. @BB I believe they’re prefams. So the contractor has the cost of the design and fabrication and a company own by a member of the tribe was given the putting them together on site.

    The business model would probably make sense on a per home basis if they made 200 or 500 of the same model, but only doing 20 means those design cost have a lot fewer homes to be charged against.

    Another unforeseen cost was hooking up water to these homes. That also ran way over the cost what they projected to the tribe.

    Not a very well operation, but the foundation administrators got their salaries and went off to pursue other opportunities after overseeing these overruns. What did they care? It wasn’t their money.

  5. Damn it! I hate it when actors and actresses ( the female ones hate being reminded that they aren’t men ) take time out from telling us who to vote for and how to accept the invasion of rancid humanity into our country. Brad Pitt can ease out of his phony altruism now that his wife has moved on with her third world tribe. I’ve spent plenty of time around Indian Reservations out West, and it doesn’t matter how nice the homes are that are provided for them, eventually half of them become unlivable.

  6. Astonishing they paid a firm to design what any 8 year old could gave done better with Lincoln Logs or Legos.
    As Brad said, something smells even worse than celebrity unwashed arm Pitts.

  7. Some of the Assiniboia tribe {Canada] intermarried with Sioux Tribe [Dakotas and Montana] to form the Assiniboian-Souix. So this could refer to individuals or groups.

  8. Dr. Tar,

    I think we are on the same page. If Pitts the money man he should have done a better job finding a decent manager but also there should have been some sort of planning commission involved. Pricing, architecture, etc should have all been disclosed.

  9. Celebrity wants his name on something because it’s his hometown or whatever. Because he’s famous, everything is supposed to work like the movies. lol.

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