Brady’s Missing Super Bowl Jerseys Found In Mexico

Reports this morning that the FBI was called in to recover not only Tom Brady’s winning Super Bowl LI jersey but also his winning Super Bowl XLIX jersey from Mexico. “NFL believes the jersey was stolen by someone posing as international media member.”


12 Comments on Brady’s Missing Super Bowl Jerseys Found In Mexico

  1. Now, now…we must not jump to the conclusion that Mexicans were behind these thefts; that would be “racist”!

  2. I am so glad the FBI is devoting its precious resources to something really important, instead of wasting time investigating the likes of Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, etc., etc.

    I know I’ll be sleeping better tonight.

  3. In order to have solved this so quickly Comey must have assigned his very best agents. Now that this is wrapped up what do you say about taking a look at the Clinton Crime Family Resort and Spa, sometimes called Clinton Foundation. The swamp damn sure runs deep.


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