Brain Food With Nancy Pelosi

8 Comments on Brain Food With Nancy Pelosi

  1. Is it possible or even necessary to lampoon these people anymore? The only thing missing from their real daily statements is a laughtrack. Honestly. Their stupid is well known. Not only well known but legendary, quantifiable and documented in copius volumes in the library of congress

    Purw unadulterated stupid is on the record.

  2. PHenry,
    Too bad these DildoCrats don’t walk and talk among the ordinary people like me, I would LOVE to laugh long and loud at them as they pass by or open their mouth(s).

  3. The old bint should have no worries when the zombie apocalypse gets into full swing, she has nothing to offer them, or anyone else..

  4. Took Rusty for a walk. He was so excited to contribute to Nancy’s brain account. It was a little runny and full of worms but still better than what’s been in Nancy’s head the last couple months. Good dog Rusty.

  5. flailin her arms around like a crazy person …

    she and Beano … and catch Lizzy Warren’s weird head movements when she talks (lies) …

    There are always “tells.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Well, if they’re making us laugh and we’re we’re making fun of them, we’re probably not going to start shooting or hanging them right away.
    So there’s that.


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