Brainless Bint is a STAR Until Her Positions Are Explained

17 Comments on Brainless Bint is a STAR Until Her Positions Are Explained

  1. It seems like Alexandria Orcasio Cortez is a star to them…So we must keep mocking her speech…Not mocking her in general but mocking her speech. She is obviously an idiot with a lot of followers. Eventually the idiot will collapse.

  2. She has no original thoughts – she’s handed the script for all of them. Hard to believe there are idiots even smarter than her.

  3. They are EASY to read. Just a “hello” from any one of them and you can spot their level of “DUH”. Unfortunately, they’ve all got a long road to hoe.

  4. AOC says this deal will take 10 yrs to implement but yet at same time she says we’re all going to die in 12 yrs. Then why bother!

  5. So, AOC is backing away from her “Green New Deal” because people are questioning the logic and reasonableness of it. After reading it, isn’t it obvious it is watermelon communist talking points?
    Let that sink in. How many democraps “jumped right in” to the deal before they investigated it? Yup – act before you think!
    Sort of like obummer care? Yeah – “We have to pass it to see what’s in it….”
    That these people are in office should scare the SH_T out of people. Why isn’t it?

  6. @Anonymous February 12, 2019 at 12:59 am

    > Eventually the idiot will collapse.

    “The Fall of the Communist Century, In America”
    (still waiting for the epilogue)

  7. Too bad McDonalds is beginning the shift to automation, that campus appears to contain the motherload of menial labor candidates that are destined to spend a career in paper hats somewhere.

  8. No airplanes ? Hey dude, I like, totally don’t get the big deal here. They built a chunnel under the English channel. Do the same under the Atlantic & Pacific.

  9. All of those kids have a bright future of pulling plows or as cannon fodder dying in very stupid wars.

    The Left destroys freedom and the economy that freedom creates the only place to go is down – and the bigger they are the harder they fall.


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