Branco Nails Obama’s Dbag Insufferable Personality

9 Comments on Branco Nails Obama’s Dbag Insufferable Personality

  1. “It’s kind of funny how the red arrow always points at Barry’s ball sack….”
    As if he had one. LOL.

  2. And Barack Obama Elementary School opens in Richmond this fall. Pffft. Formerly J.E.B. Stuart.

    I wonder what they’ll be teaching?

    I know what I learned. Time to leave Virginia.

  3. it’s not just Barky, it’s the whole douchebag media parroting the same meme …

    sick of this shit … Push Back! (douchebags always back down when there are even odds)

  4. If Hillary were elected, not only would the latest GDP figure be at a measly 0.7%, but the previous figure would be revised down to 0.3%. Best case.

  5. That fuc blamed Bush, then Congress, then Trump, now takes fuk credit. The lowest form of fuk life, elected twice.

    Michelle, the fuk gorilla, was a co-conspirator. I hate those fuk incompetent low-lifes.


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