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Brand: The Democrats Are Falling Apart

As Joe Biden accidentally reveals a ‘cheat sheet’ and Nancy Pelosi appears to elbow a child in the ribs, we ask, how do your elected leaders even get out of bed in the morning, let alone run a country?

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  1. Needs a real good sharpie. That will fix everything, oh & plenty o pictures, attention spend is that of a five yr ole. PS, we need more mandates, like right now.

  2. Politicians know one thing….politics. Most couldn’t organize a 2 car funeral procession yet they want to run every facet of out lives.

  3. Maybe you can give them a few pointers on how to steal elections. Gerrymandering, fake electors, forced coup…. Please help today!

  4. “how do your elected leaders even get out of bed in the morning, let alone run a country?”

    They’re demons, demons don’t sleep. They might go to bed, but they lay there conjuring up different ways to hurt people and enrich themselves and their family. It’s worth watching the dims crumble and flail around. I want to see the gnashing of teeth come November. They’ve got plans to destroy the November election….fun times ahead.

  5. “… elected leaders …?”
    Seriously? No shit? We “elect” Representatives, Agents, and Executive Officers (President, Vice President, Governor, Lt. Governor, &c.) – most emphatically NOT “leaders” (the Engrish word for Führer). What has happened to us? Are we so detached from our Foundings? Sheep need “leaders” and the sheep don’t “elect” them – they’re appointed by the sheep’s owners – who lead the way to the shearing and, later, to the slaughter.
    Europe needs (and wants) “leaders” because they are so hopelessly lost without some asshole telling them what to do and when to do it.
    But the United States was a different experiment – an experiment in self-rule – that is – we rule ourselves – through our Agents, Representatives, and Executives. Even our “judges” are appointed by our Executives and seated by the advice AND consent of our Representatives – or, at least, that’s how it was designed.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. You already swallowed the poison pill a long time ago. Steel, bless your heart, you sold your soul to the devil awhile back.
    Mid-terms not looking good gir you.

  7. Too many want to be led as opposed to being represented. And not enough vote for these representatives.

    Precisely how the system became corrupt.

    Join, or die.

  8. I get the strong feeling the dems will burn this place to the ground out of spite. If they can’t control the direction we’re going, nobody else will either.

  9. I have enjoyed some of Brand’s comments, but, I gotta say, the guy talks so fast he must be on meth, crack, or some other stimulant. He was a big drug user at one time, so it may just be residual damage. Is he actually opposed to The Powers That Be, or has he just found a good way to make money from home?

  10. If the demOCrats can’t get their way……

    they (tptb) intend on killing us……

    in a nuclear winter this year.

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