Brave Edgy Artist Takes On Jesus

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Rutgers University recently removed from its library an art piece showcasing a small statue of Jesus affixed to a dartboard — that included darts impaling his hands, feet, and his side. The Jesus dartboard was part of a larger exhibit of thought-provoking pieces hung around the campus library.Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.55.07 AM

Its removal came after a student’s Facebook post calling it “disrespectful” went viral last Thursday and prompted others to voice concerns.

“This is currently displayed in the Art Library on College Ave,” the student posted April 20. “It is surprising that a state university would allow this. I asked them to take it down because I found it disrespectful and they refused. How is this acceptable!?”

Comments below the student’s post offered mixed reviews, however.

Said one: “Whatever. Separation of church and state. But a real argument can also be: the artist is also religious, and is trying to describe how Jesus was treated during his life, and despite the ‘daggers/darts’ he experienced, such as being lied to, being disrespected, etc, he ‘died’ for us. Art can be interpreted in so many ways. This may not even be a negative portrayal of Jesus. This is silly.”

Argued another: “As an Orthodox Christian, this just made me cringe!! Where is the art in this?? Plz explain. If you see art, you are either blind, or have no taste in art, or just a hater on religion who uses this as a pathetic excuse to attack religion!! Grow up and learn to respect other people’s religious beliefs, I’m willing to protest this until it’s taken down.”

Campus officials removed the exhibit the day after the student’s post went viral, but did not indicate the controversy had anything to do with its decision.

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  1. As a Christian, I can see that that is measly 5-point score. Not Good. Now place Satan on the board and let me have at it!

  2. Talk about low hanging fruit. Does he have the cojones to do something similar with an image of Mohammed?

  3. Of course, campus Christians will disrupt daily campus operations, behead infidels, bomb marketplaces, and demand reparations, right?

  4. Um, maybe the artist was making a statement on the persecution of modern’day Christians and their beliefs?

  5. A lot of comments seem to justify it as art:
    It’s art, it’s an important statement
    Good art is offensive.
    So forth and so on.

    Fine, then put big Moe up there and see what happens. Then you’ll see the all the accusations of bigotry and ten tons of Leftist hypocrisy come flying out of the woodwork!

  6. Poor babies. If they think that’s offensive, they’d better not ever go looking for sacrilegious material on the Internet. They’ll find stuff out there that makes it look like Da Vinci’s painting of The Last Supper by comparison.

  7. These courageous artists should show their mettle by posting a pic of Mohammed taking one up the dumper in a Target restroom from a wonderful black tranny just trying to express him/herself.

  8. Sophomoronic bullshit.

    Rutgers – where you pay to be insulted!
    (sorta like filing your 1040)

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. well who would you aim your “atheist superior condescension” at if your a simpering limp wristed progressive artist trying to impress your friends and peers?

    the religion who’s motto is “love your enemies” or the religion who’s motto is “death to infidels”?

    if the artists ever went after mohamed they would need one of those “college safe space’s”.

    too bad some poor Christian doesn’t share some of the love Jesus showed to the money changers in the temple to that artist.

    side note: hillary is automatically capitalized by spell check and Jesus is not. why?

  10. Hanging something on a dart board and throwing darts at it, how original.
    Drunk frat boys have been doing that since the first frat boy drank a beer.
    Art, it is not.

  11. So easy to mock Jesus…His followers will complain, but the so called “artist” need not worry about his personal safety. If said “artist” really wants to make a statement about “religion”, then he should put Muhammad on that dart board.

  12. Jesus may not be fine with mocking him but he will forgive you through his mercy and grace, mohammed never. It’s off with your head if you offend pisslam but Jesus accepts you no matter how bad you’ve screwed up because of his forgiveness. Personally I’m offended by these stupid pieces of blasphemous art but I’m not going to kill you just because you’ve offended me.

  13. My first thoughts were of Christ’s crucifixion for our culture. Theologically speaking we have all thrown darts, meaning we have all sinned.

  14. satan sealed his fate the day he tried to kill God, the equivalent of throwing darts. Jesus defeated lucifer and death when he rose from the grave. We all can become a child of God if we believe this and repent of our sins.

    Other than that it’s disrespectful and crass and I’m probably giving the “artist” too much credit.

  15. Funny how ingrained it is which groups are okay to shit on and which aren’t. Seriously, if Christians and white people want to survive into the next century, they better start getting way more chauvinistic about smarmy little cunts giving them shit. Bet if someone cornered the smug cocksucker who made this “art”, pinned him to the wall, and threw darts at him for a bit, he’d decide to crap on the Buddhists next time, the little fucking twerp.

  16. As a Christian I think this art is powerful. The original crucifixion of Christ 2000 years ago was OFFENSIVE. How many Christians today look upon a crucifix and yawn?

  17. I’ve always considered it somewhat – um, – “unique” that Christians chose an instrument of torture as their primary symbol. I get why they did it, what with the death and Resurrection theme and all, but they could have easily stayed with the ΙΧΘΥΣ fish logo and been fine with most folks, I suspect.

    I mean, you don’t see any JFK souvenirs shaped like little sniper rifles around, do you…?


  18. Jesus and JFK aren’t comparable.

    We, humanity, killed Jesus – God – Our Creator.
    The cross is THE symbol of our eternal shame.
    His resurrection is our path to Him – our Redemption.

    I DO hate to wax theological when there is plumbing to be done, but … try it with a negro Jesus, and see if the passivity continues.

    izlamo delenda est …

  19. As a Christian, I was not offended by this piece.

    Jesus was hung and humiliated, and tortured before he died, was resurrected and became our Christ. I see in this art the Jesus of the cross, depicted in a modern way – hung, humiliated, being tortured.

    If you are offended, try contemplating on a painting of what really happened to Jesus when he was crucified. It is truly horrifying.

    Also, I see no parallel to Mohamed or any other religion – this is all about Christianity.

  20. Vietvet,
    Yeah, a Lexmark … course it’s NOT COMPATIBLE with fuckin Windows 8.Bullshit!

    izlamo delenda est …

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