Brawl Between Somali Immigrants and Locals Leaves Man Hospitalized in Maine

Breitbart: A brawl between a large group of young Somali men armed with bricks, bats, and other weapons left one local man hospitalized in Lewiston, Maine, this week.

Lewiston police arrived at the scene of the conflict near the city’s Kennedy Park late on June 12, Maine First Media reported.

Officials say that up to two dozen Somali youths allegedly assaulted three adult local men after rumors of a fight began circulating. The Somali teens who reportedly attacked the men were carrying bats, sticks, bricks, and other implements and weapons, police said.

One white resident ended up in the hospital with a critical injury to his head, reportedly from a brick thrown at him.

By some witness accounts, the Somali youths first drove past the park and fired BB or pellet guns at men standing there. The car then pulled over, and the two groups confronted each other. Soon, a larger group of Somali teens arrived and waded into the three men, the witness added.  more here

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  1. There is no animosity, the Somalii youth can start the swim back to their own country whenever they want. Today to Tomorrow.

  2. To the residents of Lewiston Maine, if you can’t figure out how to manage this problem I can give you some clues.

  3. I hope this doesn’t sound really wrong, I’m tired of reading about white people getting their asses kicked, or killed, in these conflicts. 24 to 3. This parks been in the news before. In fact I think I read about it here. WTF? They couldn’t see the inevitable out come? Either bring some weapons or get a bunch of buddies hiding around the corner. Do something, besides bleed.

  4. This is just one reason we have the second amendment. It’s an invasion by Somali’s. Repel it with deadly force if necessary.

  5. Time to organize an old fashioned “block” party and do some community re-organizing.

    My neighbor response to trouble: This afternoon we saw a strange large “pit-bull type” dog running the neighborhood. Within 10 minutes five of us, all armed, went after the dog to catch it. It wasn’t aggressive, but we were prepared to respond should we had to (I’m glad it wasn’t aggressive – pretty b/w female about 3 years old – now at our local animal shelter).

    Has America lost the ability to handle animals or other threats to it’s community?

    I know, let the U.N. handle it, right? Call the FBI? B-llshyte. Handle it ourselves.

  6. Although I don’t disagree with any of the comments here, can you imagine the nation wide news coverage of this debacle if one of the victims had defended himself with a gun? Endless charges of racism, xenophobia, islamophibia. The youths would be described as poor immigrants just trying to make their way in a hostile country, faced wth a senseless attack by neonazis. Still, better than dying, I suppose.

  7. Tony R
    Using a gun would be a mistake, unless your hand was forced. Meeting them at the park again would be a mistake. You and couple buddies finding them walking around in groups of 3 or 4 and putting them in the hospital would be the ticket. Back allies, side streets, residential streets, any where surveillance cameras might be scarce.

  8. @Bad_Brad:

    …finding them walking around in groups of 3 or 4 and putting them in the hospital would be the ticket.

    I’m in vehement agreement. If I were involved, I’d concentrate on breaking both hands and at least one leg, preferably the femur. What with the mohammadmen’s obsession with using the correct hand for eating and the other for wiping, having both hands out of commission ought to be a pretty big deal to them.

  9. Jihad in the homeland. It’s time for white guys to quit being soy boys and find their balls, or it’ll just keep getting more European. The leftist media might as well all be referred to as al jazeeras.

  10. They better hope the grid does not go down for an extended time. They are useful only for motive power in a non electricity world.

  11. We’re useed to letting cops and POLITICIANS make our communities safe for us – we’ve been sheepled to not resist because of negative sterotyping (i.e. Tony R.’s post).

    In Pa where I live our Township has no police force and the state Police barracks are 21 miles away. They can handle routine police matters (except we get no patrolling except on the Interstate) but we know immediate protection issues such as a shooter require us to act – we are plugged into our State Rep. who formally sponsored and got passed Castle Doctrine for us.

    Wake up communities and talk to each other – while we are not racist nazis we darn tootin know if a stranger is around (and God help the Jehovah’s Witnesses).

  12. I have a whacky idea.
    Why not protest the crap out of the local police department and the Chief of Police’s house. It’s a smallish town, I’m sure people know whe he lives.
    Here’s your problem in a nutshell:
    The police do not protect the citizens of that town because they fear the Somalis MORE than they fear the citizens. So, given a choice, the police would rather harass and run-in to the station house an average law abiding citizen that is defending himself rather than four or five Somali belligerents. You need to attach a price that kind of police cowardice.
    You cannot make them fear the Somalis LESS, but you can make the police fear the wrath of the average citizen MORE.
    Police are public servants, little more than the DMV with guns, start treating that way.
    Embarras them when you encounter them in public.
    Read Tom Wolf’s book “Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers” and use some of this tactics as your model.
    You must cultivate “guilt” in benefit of your cause.
    Mostly, Blacks and minorities (Hispanics and S.E. Asians) will not be reliable allies.
    Start publicly accusing these officers and their supervisors of “cowardice” and keep it up.
    Instead of calling them pigs, call them something else…

  13. I’ve seen Samalis. Skinny, diseased, and underfed.

    Even 23-3 odds should not have been a problem. Just a challenge to see how many of them could be decked in 10 minutes of fist fighting.

    I don’t get how American men, in their own neighborhood, could become the losers against Smell-yas.

  14. Have the white men been charged with a hate crime for stroking violence yet? Surely they must be responsible according to leftist doctrine.


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