Brawny’s Gone Soft

Apparently plastering a beefy man on their product wasn’t enough of a marketing gimmick to attract female customers. Now the makers of Brawny paper towels have gone full sisterhood of the traveling red flannel shirt in their latest ad campaign.


The accompanying Brawny advocacy video Here

Mark Dice does an effective take down Here

20 Comments on Brawny’s Gone Soft

  1. Strength has no gender? That’s because strength is noun not a person.

    And some people (of one gender) tend to possess more of this noun than people of the other gender.

    That’s just a fact.

    Fact has no gender. But it too is a noun.

  2. I have no problem with this.
    If you follow knuckledraggin’s website, his series on ‘I’m sure she’s taken’ has some very impressive women.

  3. Strength has no gender? Really?

    Wanna arm wrestle? Loser has to run around the house 5 times naked screaming, “I AM AN IDIOT” at the top of their lungs.

  4. Definition of brawny: strapping, burly, heavily built, husky. If they want to be true to the definition they will need some bull dykes on the packaging.

  5. I buy the cheapest, but use microfiber rags for most everything except for cleaning the toilet. There I use paper towels.

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