Brazil: Politician Sniffs Women’s Underwear During Online Meeting

KFI: When the coronavirus pandemic first had all non-essential employees doing their jobs from their houses, many people ran into issues with working from home, and not just little things like not having any sound on a Zoom meeting. From topless dads walking in during news reports, to bathroom trips during video conferences, to animals interrupting weather forecasts, and one reporter even got caught cheating – plenty has gone down over the last few months. Now, there’s another one to add to the list.

It happened in Brazil when the Braganca Paulista Town Council convened for an online meeting to discuss taking down some trees in the area. It was an otherwise uneventful chat, except that one member spent it smelling women’s underwear. Ditinho do Asilo can be seen taking out a pair of red panties and bringing them to his nose, clearly unaware that his camera was on. MORE

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  1. The guy was using it as a face mask. It did stop the coronavirus infection, but he unfortunately contracted 3 STDs.

  2. They will work as a mask! A couple of weeks ago a woman went into a bank without a mask she took off her panties put them on her face and was served! If you have a small nose a jockstrap will work just as well!

  3. @Be prepared – just goes to show that grannies were right. Never leave the house wearing dirty underwear.

  4. Aw C’mon….who hasn’t experienced well persipired patchouli oil and doesn’t have a smile on their face?…..

  5. Oh well.
    If that’s the worst he does he’s better off than anyone in the American Democratic Party.

  6. It flatters women when you ask them for their panties. “What do you want them for?” “So I can remember you exactly.”

    Thank you ladies, for the times and the memories. You have no idea how vivid the memories are with this simple assist. You are celebrated, treasured, and loved. Thank you for having me in your life.

  7. @Joe B – “…The weather is here, wish you were beautiful…”

    I know where you got that. (queue up Aaron Burr)

  8. Tony R
    JUNE 30, 2020 AT 5:18 PM
    “Well, it’s not like the guy is a pervert; after all they were WOMENS panties!”

    …in modern politics you cannot conclude from them merelt being woman’s panties that they necessarily came off a WOMAN’S body…

  9. Are those Spanx brand underwear? I wonder if he’s humming the tune, “Spanx for the memories”. 😉


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