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Breaking: Biden Beach House Raided by FBI

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a raid on President Joe Biden’s beach house in Delaware on Wednesday amidst row over classified documents being found in his home and think tank, American media reported. 

NBC News quoting sources reported that the raid is currently underway.  

In a statement, Biden’s attorney said the search was “planned” with the president’s “full support”, according to BBC. 

Earlier, documents with classified markings were found in Biden’s Wilmington residence and think tank office in Washington, D.C, during a raid in last. November 

Raids were also conducted at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in mid-November after classified documents were discovered there, NBC News reported Tuesday. Raid

NBC News confirms the “raid.”

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  1. raid
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    Synonyms of raid
    : a hostile or predatory incursion
    : a surprise attack by a small force
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    : a sudden invasion by officers of the law
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  2. If a SWAT Team busted down his door at 5:00 am you could call that a raid. When they show up at the scheduled hour and tea and crumpets were ready to be served, that doesn’t sound like a raid to me.

  3. Ice storm to the left. Raid of Biden’s beach house on the right.

    Yep. Perfect time for them to do something they don’t want you to see them do.

  4. Didn’t you hear? Biden invited the FBI there for a bonfire on the beach. Gonna roast weenies and make s’mores.

    It appears that they have plenty of paper to keep that bonfire going for hours.

  5. When the FBI “plans” the raid with Biden, it’s not a raid.
    It’s a choreographed theatrical event made for the media and the slow of mind.

  6. General, that’s not the real joe6pak. You can bet your last dollar I wouldn’t be posting slimeball comments like that.

  7. I knew that joe6pak. Just a friendly dig. (Couldn’t ever imagine you actually posting such nonsense – thought it was funny.)

  8. aleon
    FEBRUARY 1, 2023 AT 2:01 PM
    “Somebody! SOMEBODY!!! There has to be somebody that can do what must be done.”

    “I think one day youll find that you’re the hero you’ve been looking for.”

    James Stewart,
    “An American Tail: Fievel Goes West”,

  9. Xray
    FEBRUARY 1, 2023 AT 7:35 PM
    “No rifles and armored vehicles at 3AM? Not a raid.”

    …do YOU wanna see video of withered old Jill Biden in saucy, Hunter-stained underwear more appropriate for a woman 5 decades younger than her, standing next to Shitpants in his garter sox and heavily stained old man boxers and a wife beater T-shirt with his scrawny, old man arms poiking out the unwashed arm holes and pudding stains down the front?

    I don’t.

  10. It is a setup to make him look better. They will not find any issues with such news conveniently leaked to “the press”, and the ones that they actually have a problem in, found incriminating evidence would be reported months later, like the original discovery that happens before the midterms and only reported 2 months later.


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