Breaking bread: New York, California governors win in newfound ‘mutual respect’ with Trump

Wa Examiner:

Just a few months ago, they were the Three Amigos of political nastiness.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom was launching attacks at President Trump during the fires and power outages last fall. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, engaged in a long public war with the president, was lashing out at the administration’s criticism of the state’s liberal immigration policies.

Blasted first, Trump fired back. The war of words threatened to escalate.

But then, both governors changed strategies at the urging of a mutual friend, and almost immediately, the wars were over. Newsom got what he wanted from Trump and called the president his “partner.” Cuomo met with Trump to cut a deal and left without blasting the president, confident the two could work something out.

“The two governors have found a way to work with President Trump, and he immediately responded positively to that, it’s a lesson,” said Bill White, a friend and advisor to all three. “They found a way to work together from a place of mutual respect,” he told Secrets. read more

10 Comments on Breaking bread: New York, California governors win in newfound ‘mutual respect’ with Trump

  1. I would be expecting a knife in the back once the virus clears.
    Or have their constituents realized they are full of shit?

  2. B.S.

    Anytime a republican and a democrat get along, it’s because the republican caved to the democrat. Always.

    While republicans overwhelmingly are against the hype and the shutdowns, democrats are overwhelmingly for the shutdowns. Guess which one we have.

    And the shutdowns will destroy the economy and the democrats and the obama bootlickers in the media will go on full blast that its ALL TRUMPS FAULT at election time.

    Hell, not only that, but Cumo and his AG will be attempting to indict Trump and/or get him impeached.

    It’s always a mistake to work with them. We never learn.

  3. Newsom’s family has literally been in bed with Pelosi’s. He will never deserve the benefit of the doubt, and SF elected Chesa Boudin, so, no the people get no validation of intellect or morality.

  4. I think you guys are missing the point. Attack Trump expect to get hit back twice as hard. Approach him respectfully and he will show you the same.

  5. We’ve had YEARS of watching the libs set traps for the Republicans, it’s extremely difficult/impossible to believe they had a change of heart.

  6. Don’t ever try to make a pet out of a garbage dump rat.

    That said, PT knows what he is doing, even though we want to bitch slap the idiot governors.

  7. Having a trillion $ pile of loot is sure to attract a lot of parasites. They’ll do ANYTHING to get at the loot, even temporarily stop squabbling like swine.

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