Breaking: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise Shot at GOP Baseball Practice

Breaking right now, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot this morning in Virginia at a GOP baseball practice.

It is being reported that the gunman was killed by Scalise’s security detail.

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  1. Leftist dnc/communist tactics: “by any means necesssary.”
    obozo: bring guns to a knife fight.

    Good grief what kind of violent unhinged psycho savages talk like this?

    We are dealing with a criminal gang of violent thugs here my friends.

  2. Glad no innocent fatalities. Good point, Lead Salad. Glad this dipshit couldn’t hit his target with any accuracy.
    Have a nice life… Sentence, that is!!!

  3. It’s starting to be an expected outcome when you dehumanize and scape-goat a group of people (republicans) and make them a target.

    The future: We think we’ll be shooting muzzies when it’ll really be that pink-hated pimple faced punk from next door.

  4. Time Warner Cable, HBO and MSM,
    In addition to the gunman I hold you accountable. Your never ending rhetoric and excuse making for inciting violence has culminated in people being shot. Good job! Now go fuck yourselves

  5. Thank you, Aurelius, for posting this ‘Breaking News’. Apparently, some here seem to think you had all the details and were keeping them to yourself?!?

    People…IOTWReport is not a DC ‘on the spot’ news organization; click off and go to CNNANSCBSNPRWTTWWORNBC!

  6. Antifa tool keeping it real for Capital Hill moderates progressives.
    Thank God for the second amendment, or we would be Europe.

  7. SCALISE IS MY CONGRESSMAN!! Although I voted for Rob Maness in the primary I voted for Steve Scalise in the general election. Hell, I’ve even donated money to his campaign. He lives in my hometown.

    I 100% ACCUSE the Democrat politicians and the leftwing Mainstream Media in tv, radio and newspapers for whipping up a climate of hate, lies and propaganda against normal Americans who support the Constitution. The responsibility lies at their feet. The blood is on their hands.

  8. Congressman Mo Brooks did a long interview on CNN and he described the shooter as heavy set and white. During the interview, Alyson Camarata (CNN) interrupted him to tell him that their reporter “on the ground” said the shooting was intentional. Mo’s reaction was so good, “it sure was not accidental.”
    Rep. DeSantis left the practice early and encountered the man who asked if it was the Dems or Republicans practicing.

  9. A Republican was leaving the practice, some dude walks up to him, asks are they “Republicans or Democrats?”, Republican replied “they’re Republicans.”, coupkle minutes later the shooting began.


    FUCK THIS SHIT. I’ve been putting off getting my Concealed Carry License for months. No Longer. I’m taking the classes, applying for the permit ASAP and I’m going to start carrying 24/7. There is no fucking way I will allow some leftwing goon or a fundamentalist Mohammedan to threaten my family, my friends, myself and my property.

  10. All members of Congress and the Supreme Court should have a six person security detail.
    And I just assumed they did.

  11. So I’m sure the MSM will point out the rhetoric the left has been spewing along with their violent Trump imagery and played out assassinations has created this atmosphere of hatred and intolerance. LOL- yeah, it will be gun control and any other lefty talking point on taking away rights. Blaming the victims for their alleged hate talk. So predictable.

  12. I just sent a Get Well Card to Scalise. I hope they list the names of the other victims of this Leftist assassin so I can send them Get Well cards too.

  13. I know several people here that keep talking about getting their carry permit and they keep putting it off. Go get your damn CCWs. This will get much worse.

  14. @wildriver
    It was early in the morning and they were practicing for a fundraiser game at nationals park tomorrow night. 10,000 tickets sold. I forgot which charity.
    But there was plenty of time before congress convenes for the day.

  15. Please send Get Well cards to:
    Congressman Steve Scalise
    Washington, DC Office
    2338 Rayburn HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-3015

  16. I urged my congressman to beef up his security a month
    Ago. The handwriting has been on the wall. Town halls prove it.

    The left is insane and dangerous.

  17. Mansfield, once you get it, be sure to train as much as you can afford, and treat it as a serious responsibility. We are the good guys here, not looking for a fight. Hope you’re carrying legally soon.

  18. Dang, its fire season in AZ. Can’t practice shoot outside due to fire danger
    Need to practice long range target acquisition.
    Also need to get some ham in a little vacuum sealed pouch in case the shooter is a Heathen Muslim Bastard, so I can stuff ham in his bullet holes as he bleeds out

  19. Note to Dem psychos: If you are looking to gin up more special elections by killing GOP Congressmen, you might want to look at your special election record thus far. Very bad.

  20. I wonder if the thought occurred to any of the people there that they wished they had their/a gun with them? If it wasn’t (by chance) for armed security that could’ve been a massacre.
    Packing is no longer just an option, I know I know it’s D.C.

  21. FAKE NEWS:
    picture on Twitter posted by DEMOCRAT Congressman Ruben Kihuen, allegedly showing Democrat politicans and staffers praying for their Republican colleagues.
    THIS IS FAKE NEWS! 1) Democrats are God-hating, Mohammedan-loving Atheists, 2) the pic is really about the Democrats plotting strategy about how they can take advantage of the shooting to make Republicans looks bad.

    Since the Democrats always practice Projection (aka projecting their evil thoughts and deeds onto their enemies), this means the MSM, Democrat politicans and Hollywood Useful Idiots wills tart a drumbeat of “republicans & Trump caused this with their ClimateOfHate(tm) ”

    The Left is despicable in their disgusting race to the bottom of the cesspool in politics & culture.

  22. Boehnerdict: amen brutha! I go to the range at least once a month and always throw about 200-500 rounds downrange via a mix of handgun, rifle, rimfire and shotgun.

    Brad: Oy, I know, I know. I’m getting the CCL already.

    T & Lazlo: agree 100% with both of you. That’s why I will be typing letters to Scalise and my two Senators Kennedy and Cassidy to NOT listen to the MSM drumbeat for more gun control and INSTEAD pass more pro-gun rights laws, including the Hearing Protection Act (my tinnitus is killing me) and passing a nationwide law making Shall Issue for CCL.

  23. Corky, yes, he said “93 million.” When a press person asked about it, he repeated, “93 million Americans a day.”

    He then corrected himself to “93 Americans a day.”

    Why even bring gun legislation up at this time? I know, he’s a fucking Democrat, that’s why.

  24. I just had a thought: I hope Congressman Scalise and Congressman Williams’ staffer and the two Capitol Policemen attend tomorrow nights fundraiser baseball game. That would be a giant FUCK YOU to Democrat politicians, leftwing Mainstream TV Radio Newspapers and leftists everywhere.

  25. Four .45s

    Thank God he pointed this out. The anti gun Nazis are already in full spin mode.

    “”nobody else had a weapon, so he was just killing everyone.””

  26. Republican Congressman Roger Williams’ of Texas staffer who was shot is Zack Barth. They say he’ll recover too. Please send Get Well cards to:
    Offices of Congressman Roger Williams
    Attn: Zack Barth
    323 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-9896
    Hours: M-F 9:00 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.

  27. A deranged Democrat Terrorist went over the edge today and shot up a Republican charity event.
    This is ALL the fault of the hate filled MSM and Democrat party !


  28. Grool – actually, he’s across between Harvey Keitel and John Goodman with all the assholishness of Bob DeNiro

  29. Here’s their take:

    1. They blame the gun.
    2. The gun made him do it.
    3. Un-taxed rich people made him do it.
    4. Cathy Griffin had nothing to do with it.
    5. The play depicting Trump stabbed had nothing to do with it.
    6. Bernie supporters had nothing to do with it.
    7. Hillary decrying “summer of resistance” had nothing to do with it.
    8. Assault weapons are bad.
    9. Marxism is good.
    9. Communism is good.
    10. Fascism, when the democrats do it, is morally justified.

    11. Remember, he did it for the children.

    Here’s my take:

    When the culture war truly goes full-retard WE won’t net a .04% shoot to hit ratio, and we won’t do it from only 20 yards away out in the open.

    The media will be all over this proclaiming that it is conservatives causing all of this and that the 2nd Amendment is to blame, when in fact they should be admiring how well gun bearing, bible believing conservatives have been holding their mud.

    Be prepared to defend yourselves AT ALL TIMES.

    Side note: How could this guy get the gun he had when all of this stuff is illegal in Illinois, where gun control is so strong and necessary?


  30. Sorry about Rep. Scalise, and all that, but how many regular humans were shot last night? How many were shot in Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Columbus, DC, etc.? This dummy – this Demonrat – this fool of a gunman shot 50+ times and only hit three people, killing none?

    “Lord, I thank thee for the incompetence of mine enemies.”

    Now all the usual suspects will be caterwauling from the gallery about everything that has nothing to do with the point of it all.

    There is a war going on. The izlamo-nazis have joined with the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks (Demonrats and Republicrats) to curtail the “Great Experiment” in self-rule. The prodding hatred of the media (against Pres. Trump and America) has percolated into the consciousnesses of the borderline retarded with this result. It will only worsen. More and more will adopt the message of hate, of nihilism, of Godlessness, of futility, of anger, and of revenge (for imaginary wrongs) until violence becomes commonplace.

    izlamo delenda est …

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