UPDATE: The Deal was Inked -Musk Owns Twitter Breaking: Musk and Twitter Purportedly Reach Deal – IOTW Report

UPDATE: The Deal was Inked -Musk Owns Twitter Breaking: Musk and Twitter Purportedly Reach Deal


Twitter Inc. is in advanced discussions to sell itself to Elon Musk and could finalize a deal Monday, people familiar with the matter said, a dramatic turn of events just 11 days after the billionaire unveiled his $43 billion bid for the social-media company.

The two sides worked through the night to hash out a deal that would be valued at $54.20 a share, or $44 billion, the people said. Assuming there isn’t a last-minute snag, the deal is expected to be announced after the market closes Monday, if not sooner.


Reports have suggested that Twitter will accept Elon Musk’s $43 billion buyout offer later today.

According to Bloomberg, sources say that the social media company is in “the final stretch of negotiations” with Musk for a $43 billion sale. Twitter is apparently finalizing terms for the transaction, and that could be completed today should everything “go smoothly.”

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  1. How he runs it remains to be seen, but this sure has the potential of shaking thing up for the better.

  2. Scott Pressler wins the internet for the whole week with this tweet:

    Democrats haven’t been this mad about an African fighting for freedom since they started the KKK.

  3. LBS: why don‘t we all pool our resources and buy CNN+ and launch IOTW+? I’m sure we could get it cheap.

  4. Comcast/XFinity crapped out here at my sister’s house about a half hour or 45 minutes ago (cell service is OK). My wife just called from our house about 5 miles from here to report the same outage.

    I wonder if there’s any connection between reeeeeeeely pissed off Twitter users/employees and a wide-spread internet and cable tv outage?

  5. I wouldn’t have paid $7 for it.

    Hopefully he turn many un-American nerds out on the street so that can feel Shitpant’s $6/gal gas bite them in the ass as they seek employment.

    Or better yet, they can only get $15/hr jobs at a distribution center that won’t support them living in Californiastan

  6. I hope Musk fires every one of the 77-total-shares-owned members of the board of directors. With a lead brick parachute (vs a “golden parachute”)
    And then starts laying off all those phony baloney “fact checkers”.
    “Here’s your final check, what’s your hurry?”
    Ahhhh, sweet schadenfreude indeed.

  7. Isn’t POTUS Trump working on an America First equivalent to Twitter? I thought someone was. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    Twitter (apparently worth $44B today; worthless in a couple of months). 2022’s MySpace.

  8. Breaking: Musk announces a merger of Twitter and Neuralink technologies making it possible to post your every thought directly to the Internet.

  9. Gee Wally the progtards sure are taking a lot of kicks to the groin lately…

    Yeah Beav, and that’s gotta hurt no matter which of the 37 genders they are…

  10. When I kill English ivy I spray it with Roundup and it doesn’t kill it, but it makes it really sick. Then I come back a week later and hit it again while it is down and that gives it the coup de gras.

    If I were advising Elon Musk what I would recommend he do next is come back next Monday and name Donald Trump to the Twitter Board and finish the bastards off.

  11. I’m joining Facebook and Twitter on my 100th birthday.
    By then I should be senile enough to not know better.


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