Breaking News About Hillary Clinton

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  1. I was hoping, wishing, dreaming…
    But no…
    She’s still here.
    I’m shattered…
    But thanks for the laugh anyway!

  2. “Hear ye, hear ye.”
    “Bring out your dead.”
    “Bring out your dead.”
    “Hear ye, hear ye.”

    “And who might this be?”
    “One Hillary Rodham Clinton, sire.”
    “Take back your dead!”
    “Take back your dead!”

  3. But she tests positive for the biggest POS ever.

    Though she may have to share that distinction with Chucky.

  4. That’s what happens when you self-quarantine and don’t campaign in mid-western and north-central states.

  5. Be careful. Cumo will likely run for president as Joe is coming apart. He will pick Hillary as vice. Then he will commit suicide after the election.

  6. Not Fair!

    You got my hopes up for nothing.

    Remember folks, Turdo is our Prime Idiot.
    He just tried to cease power yesterday in a way that Pelosi & Shumer could not even attempt. Luckily it was stopped! He has a Minority Government THANK GOD!

    He has used this pandemic to put his voice on almost every public service announcement as well as all the pressers, news, and Town halls.
    This is a personal LOW POINT FOR ME. You cannot escape his voice or face!

    It would have been nice if the Whore would have been arrested or fallen down a staircase. Anything!

  7. Even a virus will not touch this Fkn Thing!

    Satan Knows he has to take her and even he is trying to delay it as long as possible!

  8. She should be tested for wuhan. She was on the show with that guy early this month who tested positive for the virus last week.

  9. Lucifer saw her on the On-Deck List this morning and scratched her name off. Turns out, he bought Hillary’s very thin soul in 2016 and now he wants a refund. It was defective.


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